Creature Class Hybrids
Range of Health (info here)
Locations North of Heatherton Signpost in Velen
Weaknesses Grapeshot, Hybrid Oil & Aard

Harpy is an Creature/Monster in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


"Most monsters don't actually keep any treasure in their lairs. Harpies, though - they like shiny things.
— Letho, Viper School witcher

It is hard to say what is most repulsive about harpies and their cousins, the shishigas: their hideous appearance, the overwhelming stench of rot and bird excrement that clings to them or their bloodcurdling screech. Suffice it to say that even rats, who dwell happily among the rankest fecal matter and rotten waste, give their nests wide berth.

Harpy nests are most often found atop high cliffs or rocky ravines. Sure signs of having strayed near one are crumbling human and animal remains, guano-streaked rocks and feathers littering the ground.

Harpies and shishigas hunt in flocks consisting of a handful to up to twenty individuals. Though rather cowardly and cautious, harpies fiercely defend their nests and will not hesitate to attack when outnumbering their foes.

During combat they use their ability to fly to dive swiftly to strike their victims one by one before soaring back up out of reach. They can kill with their wings or their sharp beak and talons. Once on the ground they move slowly and clumsily, and thus no longer present much of a threat."


Harpy Information



  • Attacks: Flies, attacks in large groups from multiple angles
  • Weaknesses: Grapeshot, Hybrid Oil & Aard
  • Strengths: Large numbers of harpies are deadly.

 As far as monsters go, Harpies aren't too hard to kill. They have no ranged attacks, no magical resistances and no way to counterattack.

The only tricky part is that they fly. There's a number of ways to knock them out of the sky.

Aard works, as does Igni. Yrden's alternative mode is very effective at zapping them down.

Another very effective tactic is to use your sword. Just swing some fast attacks at the right time and they will be down.

While knocked down, a Harpy can be instantly killed by interacting with them. 

If a Harpy manages to get up they're still very vulnerable to a flurry of strikes.

Trivia & Lore

  • Notes on Lore and players notes go here.


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