Creature Class Specters
Range of Health (info here)
Locations Abandoned Village
Weaknesses Moon Dust, Specter Oil, Yrden

Noonwraith is a Creature/Monster in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


"Despite what is commonly thought, peasants do not interrupt their labors at midday to get out of the sun — they do it to avoid noonwraiths. — Vlad Reymond, Peasants and Their Customs

On particularly searing summer days, when the sun reaches its zenith, wraiths will at times appear, resembling sun-scorched women dressed in long, white robes. These are noonwraiths — the spirits of young women and girls who died violent deaths right before their weddings. Driven mad with pain or anger, they wander the fields searching for their unfaithful lovers or backstabbing rivals, though they will kill anyone who does not get out of their way in time. They are often held in this world by some object of intense emotional significance. That is why, if one ever finds a wedding ring or torn veil in the middle of a field, one should not pick it up, but instead back away as quickly as possible.

Noonwraiths are only known to haunt rural areas, and usually stay near the place of their deaths. They prey on peasants working in the field or children playing nearby.

Noonwraiths do not bleed and are for the most part immune to the effects of Witcher Signs. They can create mirror images of themselves which circle their victims in a kind of morbid paradoy of a dance. This ghastly ritual drains their victims' life energy while adding to their own strength. Noonwraiths are also able to manipulate the physical world to a limite, kicking up clouds of dust which temporarily  blind and disorient their opponents.

Noon wraiths can turn immaterial and are such times very difficult to wound. In order to force a noonwriath to take corporeal form, one must mount a fast attack with a Silver blade, preferably one coated in specter oil.

Contrary to popular belief, noonwraiths can also be encountered at night but are much weaker then than during the day."

Noonwraith Information



  • Attacks:
    • Life-Drain: A cast-type spell that slowly drains stamina from the target.
      • The Noonwraith will split into three identical entities, each must be hit just once (albeit quickly) to interrupt successfully.
  • Weaknesses: Moon Dust, Specter Oil, Yrden
  • Strengths:
  • Recommendations:
    • Quen: Good for avoiding quick attacks/knock-back.
    • Never summon them at midday. Instead try dawn or dusk.
    • Fight them within the bounds of Yrden to neutralize their invulnerability.
    • Yrden magic trap is also very effective at damaging them.
    • Aard and Igni are largely ineffective.


Trivia & Lore

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