Creature Class Insectoids
Range of Health ??
Locations In a Mine located ?
Weaknesses Golden Oriole & Insectoid Oil

Harrisi is an Creature/Monster in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Harrisi is a Venomous Arachas.


"It attacked us... Gods, I dunno what it were, but 'twere at least four spans high!
--Velen peasant woman

Velen's woods and bogs brim with monsters. This fact is well known, and thus when the war drove refugees into this hostile land, certain of their number thought to avoid the dangers of the lowlands by hiding in an abandoned mine. They were in for an unfortunate surprise. The shaft they chose for their sanctuary was inhabited by a poisonous arachas - a merciless and bloodthirsty monster.

The witcher knew he was in for a tough fight. The arachas had dwelled in the mine for years and had grown large and particularly strong and resilient in that time. Like other members of its vile species, it would be dangerous both at close quarters and at a distance. What's more, it was almost certainly venomous - he would need to imbibe Swallow or Golden Oriole (or both) before attacking if he was to stand a chance of surviving. As a small consolation, the witcher knew the monster would be vulnerable to his Signs - especially Igni, Aard and Yrden -as well as to the Northern Wind bomb.

The witcher arrived at the cave too late to save the refugees - but he could still avenge their fate. He slew the powerful arachas and destroyed the eggs bearing its vile offspring."

Harrisi Information

This Endrega queen is a force to be reckoned with. She has armor, poison clouds, powerful poison projectiles and spiderthread that she can use to drag you close. Ingesting Golden Oriole is a must when enganging it. When her purple sac deflates she creates a poisonous cloud around her, her powerful legs will then deflect all melee attacks. It is strongly advised to use Quen but a skilled witcher may also Igni. As she has a ton of health, burning her is very effective.



Trivia & Lore

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    • Anonymous

      Killable at level 3(death march) 20 min for the spiderlings and 1h for the momma spida, no oil and only 2 swallow and 2 thunderbolt potions. A lot of food consumed to just hit insignificant damage to it. Patience is a must

      • Anonymous

        Killable on lvl 9 (Death March). Just need a lot of food, anti-venom potions and Ekhima decotion (restores vitality for damage dealt). About 30-40 min fight and I finally got my lvl 10.

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