Armored Arachas

Creature Class Insectoids
Range of Health (info here)
Locations Velen
Weaknesses Golden Oriole, Insectoid Oil.
Loot Mutagen, Arachas Eyes.

Armored Arachas is an Creature or Monster in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The Armored Arachas can be found just outside of Novigrad guarding a treasure. It's attack pattern is very simple, when you strike it three times it will attack back immediately. At times it will lunge at you, for quite a distance. You can use potions against it, any version of Golden Oriole will keep you from getting poisoned. Other than that you can use the terrain in your advantage, such as blocking the lunge with trees. This specific monster is level 23.


"N'aracche aen woed endicen [Let sleeping arachasae lie].
— Elven proverb

Powerful pincers, a maw filled with razor-sharp teeth and venom glands packed with deadly toxins — these creatures constitute the arachas' deadly arsenal. Since people and farm animals make up an important part of these creatures' diet, contracts on arachasae in turn constitute an important source of witcher coin.

Once native to the far south, this invasive species migrated north over the course of decades, adjusting as it went to new climates and temperatures. It found damp woodlands and swamps most hospitable and made them its home, making use of the much and moss found there as blankets during its winter hiberation. The arachas hides its unprotected, sack-like abdomen under a covering of hollow tree-trunks worn on its back.

At first glance, a stationary arachas often looks like a part of the forest undergrowth, a fact it uses to deadly advantage when hunting. It usually begins a battle by spitting venom, then tries to grab its prey with prehensile feelers in order to drag it within reach of its crushing pincers."


Armored Arachas Information



  • Attacks: Attacks after 3 hits, and lunges for a long range occasionally.
  • Weaknesses: Golden Oriole, Insectoid Oil
  • Strengths: Attacks inflict Poison.


Trivia & Lore

  • That's the kinda john we call an 'armored arachas'. Hard and prickly on the outside, but get 'im undressed and everthing's soft and squishy. -Foxy Lisa, Maribor prostitute.
  • An arachas' only weakness is its soft, sensitive abdomen. Some arachasae hide this under hollow tree stumps, while other, "armored" varieties exist which have grown a thick carapace that covers all the more delicate parts of their bodies.


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