Creature Class Relict
Range of Health (info here)
Locations Woesong Bridge in White Orchard and
Weaknesses Devil's Puffball, Relict Oil

Chort is a Creature/Monster in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


"Chorts are smaller than fiends, true. But still big enough to kill. -Agnes Thistle, herbalist from the Black Forest.

Chorts are the somewhat smaller kin of fiends and bumbakvetches. Yet any witcher who thinks their diminutive stature means they present no danger commits a grave error- the kind that can end his career permanently. These denizens of dark and ancient woods are some of the most dangerous monsters known to man.

Legends often mistake chorts for sylvans, ascribing to them the ability to speak, stand on two leges, gobble up cabbage, play pranks and work mischief around the household The arrival of a true chort in a region soon puts an end to such tales. The creatures do not speak, at best communicating with each other through grunts, snorts and moans. They get about on four legs and as for their "mischief"... they destroy farmsteads, devouring anything that can be devoured, including cabbage, if such is available, but also extending to poultry, pork, the family dog and then the family itself.

Chort fight with little finesse, running straight towards their opponent and trying to knock him to the ground with the force of their change. After downing their foe they bite, kick and strike with their claw-tipped paws. Due to their size and four-legged posutre, they are mostly unperturbed by the force of the Aard Sign, and the regenerative powers of their body allow any wounds they received to heal at a rapid pace."

Chort Information



 Igni is very powerful against them.

Trivia & Lore

  • The Chort in White Orchard is also known as the Bovine Defense Force Initiative and only appears after Geralt kills more than 7 cows in the town.


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    • Anonymous

      I started farming them at level 20 with a sign on death march and its pretty easy if you max out igni. i have only been using the ekhidna decoction to bump up my health if i take damage. been able to take on about 1 per minute thanks to the exploit fix on the cows from white orchard. it stopped being an exploit for beginning players , but sort of became an exploit for mid-high level players. since they give about 24-30 exp and have a pretty good drop rate for blue, green, and red mutagens. and the items that they give can be sold for a nice price.

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