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Nithral is a Wild Hunt Warrior in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


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Nithral Information



  • Attacks:
  • Weaknesses: Strong Attack
  • Strengths:

Nithral is the first of the Wild Hunt you'll encounter in the game. You meet him during the Wandering in the Dark quest.

As bosses go, he's likely to be the most challenging one you'll have met at this point. He is quite aggressive, he hits very hard and you can actually take damage by touching him.

When the fight starts, he'll put his axe up in a defensive stance and Keira will start spamming him with a lightning shock. She won't do any real damage to him, but occasionally she can stun lock him. Take your time attacking him as his stance will knock you back and if you touch him you'll take damage. Instead, use Igni to force him to drop his stance then do a quick combo before rolling back out.

When you have him under 1/3rd health, he'll kneel down and a force field will appear around him. This will heal him and if you try to hit him you'll get knocked back and take damage. While he's healing, he'll summon a portal which will spawn up to five of the enemies you'll have dealt with earlier in the quest. Kill these and the fight will resume.

Rinse and repeat the above tactic with Nithral, making sure to use Thunderbolt, bombs and healing items as appropriate to keep yourself alive. When you have him nearly dead he'll heal and summon minions again.

Once you've entered the third phase of the fight, you simply need to beat him. Use the tactics you've already used and you'll beat him no problem.


Trivia & Lore

  • Avoid passing through the Frost Portals he uses to summon his minions. You will receive damage and get slowed, giving the lesser enemies the time to land hits on you.



  • - by FiOth


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