Aard is a Sign in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. A telekinetic wave that can throw back, knock down or stun an opponent. This Sign can also be used to destroy obstacles, for example crumbling walls. It can be improved by putting point into the Aard Skill Line.


Aard Information


Far-Reaching Aard

Effect: Increases Aard range by 1 yard(s) Stamina regeneration in combat: +0.5/s 

Aard Sweep

Effect: Alternate Sign Mode: Aard works on every enemy around Geralt. When in this mode, knockdown chance is reduced by 21%. Stamina regeneration in combat +0.5/s 

Aard Intensity

Effect: Increases Aard Sign intensity by 5%. Stamina regeneration in combat +0.5/s 


 Shock Wave

Effect: Aard deals now 40 damage. Stamina regeneration in combat +0.5/s



  • It has a 44% Base Chance to Stagger.
  • It scales with Sign Intensity: 1% Intensity give 0.5% higher chance to Stagger.
  • Tier 4 does not scale.
  • A knocked down enemy can be finished off with 1 stab by standing over them and interacting.
  • The time it takes an enemy to recover is dependent on power and enemy type. Drowners are very slow to recover from knockdown.

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