Hybrid Oil


Effect +10% Attack Power vs Hybrids
Charges 20

Hybrid Oil is an Oil in The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. There are Standard, Enhanced, and Superior versions of this Oil.




You can craft this oil with:

1x Dog Tallow
4x White Myrtle Petals



Needed to Craft

The following items use Hybrid Oil:






Notes and Trivia about Hybrid Oil

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    • Anonymous

      Basic Hybrid oil diagram is in a chest in a stream just west of Downwarren.
      Get in the water and go upstream a short distance near where the stream begins.

      • Anonymous

        You can find hybrid oil in White Orchard at the bandit camp north of the Sawmill Post. For anyone looking to find hybrid oil before that Griffin fight ;)

        • Anonymous

          the admin should edit this and add this for the hybrid oil location. Anyway for those who missed the Hybrid Oil which Keira sells, like myself, but is missable if you compete her missions there is another vendor for you to get this from albeit on the Skellige Isles. Head to a herbalist called Jonna in Rannvaig. It is on the West coast of the main isle of Skellige in the bay looking area on the map.

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