Wild at Heart

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Location Blackbough
Suggested Level 7
Next Quest ??
Previous Quest ??

Wild at Heart is a Secondary/Side Quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

"While muddling around the well-shaded village of Blackbough, Geralt happened across a notice. It stated a hunter named Niellen was looking for any help he could get in finding his wife, who had disappeared in the nearby woods a few days earlier. Geralt, already deep in a search-and-rescue vein, decided to help find the woman. "

Wild at Heart Objectives

  1. Talk to the hunter named Niellen.
  2. Ask the neighbors about Hanna.
  3. Search for signs of Hanna in the woods using your Witcher Senses.
  4. Find the werewolf lair using your Witcher Senses.
  5. Search the werewolf's lair.
  6. Defeat the werewolf.



Locations: Crow's Perch, Blackbough, Isolated Shack
Characters: Niellen, Margaret, Glenna, Blacksmith, Hanna
Enemies: Nekker, Wolf, Bear, Werewolf

Pick this up from the notice board in Crow's Perch, with a note from a man called Niellen whose whife Hanna has gone missing. He can be found in the village of Blackbough, and when you speak to him he will tell you about his worries. During your conversation, Niellen's sister in law Margaret will approach and comment that Hannah was friends with the butcher's wife, Glenna.

You should now go around the village asking about Hannah. You should talk to Glenna who says that the girl was probably killed by wolves. Then approach the blacksmith and his children will reveal they saw Hanah going towards the woods with another woman.

Continue your investigation by entering the northern woods yourself and walk towards the objective point fighting off nekkers and wolfs in the area. Once you reach a corpse surrounded by wolves, and when you've defeated them, Margaret will approach you and offer to double your reward if you drop the investigation. You can

  • Agree to stop, be rewarded 55 crowns from Margaret, then return to Niellen and lie, then get an additional 10 crowns.
  • Fool Margaret: Agree to stop, be rewarded 55 crowns from Margaret, then continue to complete this quest.

If you refuse, Maraget will walk away. You can now continue your search, and soon discover Hana's mutilated body. Use your Witcher Senses to note a nearby dog has also been killed, and paw marks leading away, accompanied by a distinct smell. Follow the clues towards the Isolated Shack, where you will find written proof that there is a Werewolf about.

On the basement of the shack there are some caves, destroy the locked door and wait until night for the werewolf and some wolves to appear and attack you. If you head into the cave in the day time the werewolf will be there and will attack you, but he will constantly heal himself and be impossible to kill. Once you have damaged the werewolf enough, a cutscene will play with Margaret interrupting you. She reveals that Niellen is the werewolf and that she has loved Niellen all along, and was aware of his true nature. She had brought her sister to this cave to have her see Niellen and fear him, but it had gone wrong and he had instead killed the woman. Niellen wants vengance for his wife, and threatens to kill Margaret. Geralt can chose to:

  • Stop Niellen from killing Margaret (kill him)
  • Let Niellen kill Margaret.

If you chose the latter, Niellen will then follow you outside and ask that you help him die, as he does not have the courage and cannot endure the pain. Kill him and the quest ends giving you Niellen's Key from his body. This key opens the chest in the house above the werewolf's lair.

Video Walkthrough

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