Main Questline for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, follows obligatory objectives that the player must complete to advance the game's story. Even if a quest continues across more than one chapter, it will only ever appear in that chapter. See Side Quests for optional objectives

The Witcher 3 Helpful Links

  • About The Witcher 3: This page includes basic information about the game's objectives, vision and mechanics such as Stats and Combat.
  • Combat: The Witcher 3 has several difficulty settings and you will need specific guidance to overcome the more hardcore modes - Read this page to learn!
  • Skills and Talent Trees: You don't have enough points for everything, choose wisely!
  • Weapons: This page shows all weapons and their stats/requirements. It can help you when planning out a character.
  • Armor: This page shows all armors and their stats.
  • Upgrades: Teaches you about Runestones and Glyphs.
  • Crafting: This page teaches you about creating gear from Diagrams.
  • Walkthrough: A progress route for the game. Follow it and discover the 30 Endings.

Witcher 3 Chapters

The Main Quests and Story of the Witcher 3 is divided into 4 chapters beginning with the Prologue. These are then followed by the three main acts of the game. Each Chapter or Act has its own set of Quests to follow consecutively in order to unravel the main storyline of the Witcher. Other Quests found outside of these Acts add additional stories that may not affect the progress of the storyline. Decisions made in these Main Quests may affect the outcomes of the Endings. Those who wish to view different Endings can view the Endings page or experience the story again with modifications to their choices during a second playthrough. 




All Main Quests in The Witcher 3


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