Scenes From a Marriage

scenes from a marriage main quest hearts of stone dlc witcher 3 wiki guide 300px min min
Type Main Quests
DLC Hearts of Stone
Location Von Everec Estate
Suggested Level 35
Prerequisite Open Sesame!
Next Quest Whatsoever a Man Soweth...

Scenes From a Marriage is a Main Quest from the Hearts of Stone DLC in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Main Quests are the main storyline of the game that can have a major effect towards the endings. Some of these quests may have dialogue choices that will alter the ending of the game.

Scenes From a Marriage begins after the Open Sesame! Main quest from the Hearts of Stone DLC


With two wishes down and one more to go, Geralt reported back to Olgierd. There he received his third and final task, which, following in the vein of the its predecessors, seemed nigh unto impossible to complete. Olgierd wanted Geralt to find and bring him the violet rose he had given his wife the last time he saw her. As this was many years ago, and flowers are not noted for their longevity, the rose had certainly disintegrated by now. Yet since Geralt had grown used to finding the unfindable and doing the undoable, he nevertheless set out to try to recover this flower of yesteryear.


The Witcher 3 Scenes From a Marriage Objectives

  1. Go to the von Everec Manor.
  2. Search for the partner of the thief you met.
  3. Use your Witcher Senses to search the grounds of the von Everec estate for a violet rose.
  4. Find a way to get inside the manor.
  5. Follow the tracks on the ground.
  6. Open the gate.
  7. Examine the back garden.
  8. Search the estate's back garden using your Witcher Senses.
  9. Defeat the estate's caretaker.
  10. Search for Iris von Everec on the upper floor of the manor.
  11. Examine the remains on the bed.
  12. Find a fitting spot to bury Iris.
  13. Look for Iris von Everec's memories and find a way to restore them.
  14. Use your Witcher Senses to find a way to restore the memory.
  15. Place the items that fit the scene where they belong.
  16. Search the area around the memory using your Witcher Senses.
  17. Place the item that belongs there in Iris von Everec's hand.
  18. Defeat the wraiths.
  19. Use your Witcher Senses to find a way to restore the memory.
  20. Carefully examine the painting in the dining room.
  21. Go to the painting studio.
  22. Use your Witcher Senses to find a way to restore the memory.
  23. Arrange the elements of the tableau vivant as they are in Olgierd's portrait.
  24. Go to Olgierd's study.
  25. Use your Witcher Senses to find a way to restore the memory.
  26. Look around for candles and chalk.
  27. Complete the partially erased pentagram.
  28. Find a way to escape the fire.
  29. Escape from the blizzard and find a way back into the house.
  30. Use your Witcher Senses to find a way to restore the memory.
  31. Defeat the wraiths.
  32. Use your Witcher Senses to find a way to restore the memory.
  33. Go to the parlor.
  34. Face Iris von Everec's greatest fear.
  35. Defeat Iris von Everec's nightmares.


Rewards for Scenes From a Marriage in The Witcher 3

  • 2,100exp icon witcher 3 wiki guide
  • The Caretaker's spade


Walkthrough for The Witcher 3 Scenes From a Marriage

Start your quest by visiting the von Everec Manor. Track the quest and the directions will be marked on your map. Once you reach the destination, you'll need to find a way in. There will be a hole in the wall where a man is yelling. Approach him to trigger a scene. 

After this, you are left to search for his partner. Activate your Witcher Senses and you will be able to investigate the fountain, the sacks in the area, and the bench. Further down the path is a black dog. Investigate the grave and continue to head towards the marked areas on your map to locate the highlighted objects. You will also eventually come across the black cat where Geralt will hear some digging and you will have a set of footprints to follow that will allow you to further search the back garden. This will lead you to the caretaker. 

Prepare to engage in a boss fight with the caretaker. Beware of the attacks with an AoE. After the fight, a cutscene will start. When you are released, you are tasked to Search for Iris von Everec on the upper floor of the manor. Make your in and through the manor to reach the upper floors. As you explore through the rooms and corridors of the manor, loot the area and be ready for an encounter with a Wraith. To complete the objective you will need to locate the bedroom towards the northeast of the upper floors. Examine the remains on the bed. Take the Portrait of Iris and Olgierd from the stand near the doors. 

After the cutscene, you will need to find an appropriate spot for her burial. If you recall passing a paint stand, this is where she would want to rest. This will start another cutscene that will conclude with the dialogue option to summon her. This will lead you into the painted world where you will be tasked to Look for Iris von Everec's memories and find a way to restore them.

A number of enemies will appear while you are here. Approach the fountain behind the hedges to attempt to restore the first memory. 


Pick up the items from the scene. You will need a glass and a bouquet of flowers. Pick them up and place them in their hands to replay the memory. After you've completed the scene you must defeat the wraiths. Once they are cleared, continue into the manor. There will be a few locations to fulfill. 

Dining Room

Once you reach the banquet table, you will once again need to use your Witcher Senses in order to complete the scenes from her memory.

Use the painting on the wall as a reference. Note which set of candles are lit up and light the two candle sets accordingly. They should be the two towards the fireplace. Finally, light the fireplace, and the memory will play. 


The bedroom is just down the hall from the dining room. If you observe the washing basin, Geralt's comment implied that you should place the bloody towel next to Olgierd and the rest of the objects can be disregarded. Once you place the bloody towel, the scene will play out. Your next objective will be to head to the painting studio. 


Painting Studio

Once you arrive, your objective will be to arrange the elements of the tableau vivant as they are in Olgierd's portrait. Take a look at the painting. You will need the goblet and the fruit bowl. Pick them up and interact with the table. You will need to place the objects. The placement is as follows: 

  • Grapes on the left
  • Apples on the right 
  • Goblet in the middle. 

After placing them, the next scene will play out. Finally, head to the Study. The quest tracker will lead you there. You will run into another Specter Wraith on the way. 

Olgierd's study

Use your Witcher Senses here. You will need to finish the pentagram. Pick up the two books that will show you how to recreate the pentagram. Take the piece of chalk and redraw the circle then select to place the candles surrounding the pentagram. Be ready to escape the area because a fire will start after the scene. 

You won't be able to exit through the doors. Turn around and look for the winter painting and interact with it. There should be snow blowing out of it. Once in the painting, you will need to escape the blizzard. You will find a set of cellar doors leading down. You will need to use your Witcher Senses in this area as well. 


You will have 4 highlighted objects available, but you will only need the Marriage contract that should be placed in Iris' father's hands and the mug can be placed with Olgierd. After placing these objects, the memory will play out before more wraiths will begin to appear. 

Dining Table

You will now continue the task upstairs at the dining table. The Black Cat and Dog will begin to speak. You will need to place their bowls in front of them. the large bowl for the dog and the small bowl for the cat. Then place the food tray with the caretaker. After the scene, you will have to face another battle against Iris' Greatest Fear. Defeat her nightmares as they approach. This will be your last objective. 

Once they are cleared, go through the next cutscene and complete the dialogue asking for the rose. Complete the dialogue and this quest will also be completed, immediately starting the next quest: Whatsoever a Man Soweth...


Scenes From a Marriage Journals

Olgierd's abandoned residence was haunted by the ghost of his wife, Iris von Everec – or more accurately, by deadly spectral emanations coming from her dormant spirit. Geralt had to overcome many obstacles before finally awakening Iris' ghost from her tortured sleep so he could talk to her about the violet rose. After he did so, he traveled to the world of the ghost's imagination to revive memories repressed within it and defeat the embodiments of Iris' fears.
If Geralt takes the rose:
In short, it was one of Geralt's more unusual adventures. At its end, our hero emerged from the imagined world with a very tangible rose in hand, ready to deliver to Olgierd in completion of his wish. The price of obtaining this rose? The ultimate end of Iris von Everec.
If Geralt refuses to take the rose:
At its end, our hero emerged from the imagined world not with the rose itself, but with a very faithful likeness of it painted by Iris von Everec herself. In this way he fulfilled the letter of Olgierd's wish – the rose has been delivered, though in painted form, and with the eyes of Iris von Everec staring out of its canvas.


The Witcher 3 Scenes From a Marriage Notes & Trivia

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