Glyphs in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are special upgrade items applied to open Weapon and Gear empty slots. There are many kinds of runes, with different effects and potencies. Glyphs have a property, a certain weight, and a currency value.

Sellers from which you can purchase Greater Glyphs, Runes and Diagrams can be found here.


Rune Icon & Name Effect
Glyph of Yrden Yrden Sign Intensity
lesser_glyph_of_aard.jpgGlyph of Aard
Aard Sign Intensity
lesser_glyph_of_axii.jpgGlyph of Axii
 Axii Sign Intensity
lesser_glyph_of_igni.jpgGlyph of Igni
Igni Sign Intensity
lesser_glyph_of_quen.jpgGlyph of Quen
Quen Sign Intensity
Glyph of Binding
Resistance to Bleeding
Glyph of Mending
Vitality regeneration
Glyph of Reinforcement
Reduction in item durability loss
Glyph of Warding
Resistance to elemental damage

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