Difficult is a player setting in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. There is a total of 5 difficulty settings. This page lists the different modes and their effect on combat and the world.

  • Just The Story! (Easiest) - Enemy hp: ??% Ai: ?? Geralt hp: ??
  • ?? - Enemy hp: ??% Ai: ?? Geralt hp: ??
  • Story and Sword! (Default) - Enemy hp: ??% Ai: ?? Geralt hp: ??
  • Blood and Broken Bones! - Enemy hp: ??% Ai: ?? Geralt hp: ??
  • Death March! (Hardest) - Enemy hp: ??% Ai: ?? Geralt hp: ??

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    • Anonymous

      I was finish Witcher 1 and Witcher 2 with Hard-Dark-Insane mode. Any time you can enjoy with Hardest mode. Hardest mode anytime is better than easy.

      • Anonymous

        Death on this difficulty returns you to last save, permadeath usually implies permanent loss of progress and character so this moniker may be misleading.

        • Anonymous

          i have see that form playing on normal to death march i get more xp on normal for completing quest has anyone else seen this

          • So as a veteran soul player I though I can handle and enjoy the hardest difficult, apparently I can't git gud and dumbed it down after dying to a punch of trash and can't find a sustainable source of hp recovery.

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