Woesong Bridge (White Orchard Village)

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Woesong Bridge (White Orchard Village) is a Location in The Witcher 3. The Woesong Bridge (White Orchard Village) is found in White Orchard. The Starting area in a new game and the Cutscene will end inside the tavern within the Village.

The first large settlement of people that Geralt will encounter. Vendors of almost everything and numerous amount of quest items and people within the Village of White Orchard. The most Important buildings in White Orchard is Willis' Forge and White Orchard Inn. Fearing the destruction of Temeria after the death of King Foltest, Woesong Bridge (White Orchard Village) will be the hardest source opposition Nilfgaard would need to crack either by accomodation or repression. Either way as the biggest town in the Region, it is center to many things for the entire province.

Formerly Temerian Land but is currently occupied by a Nilfgaard Garrison. White Orchard recently witnessed a large battle of the Norther Kingdoms and the Empire of Nilfgaard that gave rise a monsters infestation who are attracted towards the Battle's remaining dead. A hotbed of Temerian loyalists, a large amount of chatter in the town relates towards the war. The Locals are not shy in displaying their Temerian loyaltists with local Dwarf Blacksmith being the victim of Arson for doing work for the local Nilgaardian soldiers. The war is extremely present in the people of the White Orchard even though a majority of the Carnage happens on the outskirt of it.



All NPCs and Merchants in Woesong Bridge (White Orchard Village)

  • Bram - A Merchant  that Geralt meets during the Main Quest, he will set up near the White Orchard Inn. 
  • Elsa - The Owner and Innkeeper of the White Orchard Inn, a merchant of food and all the inn stuff.
  • Willis - The local Blacksmith. A victim of arson due to him fulfilling a contract for the Nilfgaardians
  • Gaunter O'Dimm


Related Quests in Woesong Bridge (White Orchard Village)


All Items in Witcher 3's Woesong Bridge (White Orchard Village)

Consumable Items

  • Elsa will be a main source of Food Items
  • Livestock around the village drops food items


Quest and Key Items

  • Insert Quest and Key Items here



  • List of available Equipment and Quest Items here


Materials and Crafting Components

  • Livestock items dropped around the village


Witcher 3 Woesong Bridge (White Orchard Village) Creatures, Enemies, and Bosses

Regular Creatures and Enemies



  • Insert Bosses here


Witcher 3 Woesong Bridge (White Orchard Village) Gallery and Notes

  • White Orchard Inn provides all Inn related needs! From bed to Food!
  • White Orchard Inn hosts the Oxenfurt Scholar and would be the first Gwent Opponent that Geralt Faces
  • Willis is the local Armorer and would be the first Armorer merchant that Geralt accesses
  • The Local Notice Board where Geralt Can take some Monster Extermination Tasks and more.



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