Regions in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt are large bodies of land that contain many towns and villages and often belong to a specific faction. These regions encompass a large set of Locations which are then split into sub-regions and different Locations, Towns, Villages, and Cities which each have their own set of buildings, Characters, NPCs, Merchants, Quests, Contracts and Rewards to explore. Each Region has their own set of unique characteristics and points of interest which will then later be displayed on the map as icons once they are discovered. Learn about each Region and their Sub-Regions and Locations, Points of intrests and available Interactions and Characters you may encounter from each region page below. 

Traveling through Regions

Each Region or Locations are explored primarily on foot or by horseback with Roach. Your horse can be called to you at almost any time if the terrain allows. Players will then be able to come across different Signposts that are spread throughout the different areas of the map. Once they are discovered, you may then find these signposts indicated on your map with their icon signpost map icon the witcher 3 wiki guide. These Signposts can then be used to fast travel to other discovered Signposts across other regions by interacting with it and accessing the Map. 

Useful Pages Witcher 3

  • Merchants: View all types of Merchants in each region and determine their precise Locations. 
  • Locations: All Locations in Witcher 3 are sorted according to their Regions. Find the exact Locations in each Region. 
  • Maps: View all the Regon Maps 
  • Quests: Ensure all quests are discovered to maximize rewards and experience


All Regions Witcher 3



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