Superior Northern Wind

Required Level 1
Effect Freezes foes. Blows landed on frozen foes deal additional damage. Extended duration. Chance of instant kill.
Duration 9s
Fire Damage 0
Charges 4

Superior Northern Wind is a Bombs in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. There are Standard, Enhanced and Superior versions of this bomb.




You can craft this bombs with:

1x Enhanced Northern Wind
1x Saltpeter
3x Ducal Water
2x Powdered Pearl
2x Verbena
3x Allspice
1x Quebrith 




  • Tor Gvalcha: Second quest mark on right, close to water (i hope someone can maybe write this better then me),
  • Ancient Crypt: After "The Sunstone" in a chest along the path leading towards the exit.
  • Arnskrone Castle Ruins- During the questline " A Dark Legacy"
  • Von Everec Family Crypt- Behind a Breakable wall.
  • Undvik- Within the rotten cave owned by Clan Tordarroch Forge 
  • Can be found also in a barrel in Castle Drahim south of Novigrad on floor 0 next to the tower (found in act 3/ level 30+)



Notes or Trivia about Superior Northern Wind

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    • Anonymous

      I found the manuscript for Superior Northern Wind in the cave on Skellige near the Distillery however when I read the manuscript it does not do anything and doesn't give me the option of making Superior Northern Wind in my Alchemy menu.

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