Tier Common
orens.png 3
weight.png 0

Buckthorn is an ingredient in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


Buckthorn Information


Used in

Items which Require Buckthorn Number of Buckthorn Required
Superior Blizzard 1
Enhanced Petri's Philter 1
Superior Petri's Philter 4
Killer Whale 6
Enhanced Elementa Oil 1
Alghoul Decoction 1

In order to craft every Potion, Oil, Decoction, and Bomb in the game, Geralt must collect a total of 14 Buckthorn.


Allspice  ♦  Arenaria  ♦  Balisse fruit  ♦  Beggartick blossoms  ♦  Berbercane Fruit  ♦  Bison grass  ♦  Bloodmoss  ♦  Blowball  ♦  Bryonia  ♦  Celandine  ♦  Cortinarius  ♦  Crow's eye  ♦  Ergot seeds  ♦  Fool's parsley leaves  ♦  Ginatia petals  ♦  Longrube  ♦  Mandrake root  ♦  Mistletoe  ♦  Moleyarrow  ♦  Nostrix  ♦  Pringrape  ♦  Puffball  ♦  Ranogrin  ♦  Ribleaf  ♦  Verbena  ♦  White myrtle petals  ♦  Wolfsbane

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    • Anonymous

      Another spot is in Skellige in the water near a shipwreck 180 steps north of Giants Toes marker, the shipwreck is near the sailboat marker. If you defeat the nearby bandits, there's no drowners or any monsters to interrupt your peaceful swim for buckthorn collecting.

      • Anonymous

        A great spot for Buckthorne is at the bottom of the channel in west of Novigrad city, the waters between Lighthouse and Widow’s Grotto. Right around a smuggler’s drop in the middle of the water. In my game there no drowners or monsters nearby, beautiful peaceful night swimming.

        • Anonymous

          Easiest place to collect Buckthorn is north of Woesong Bridge in White Orchard along the river bottom (stop when you encounter a drowner). You'll likely find 15 plants, a lifetime supply. It's worth having to make a potion that allows you to stay underwater 50% longer and see better underwater as well.

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