Superior Grapeshot

Required Level 1
Effect Inflicts shrapnel damage to foes within its explosion radius. Deals fire damage. Enhanced effect. Damage ignores enemy armor. Destroys monster nests.
Silver Damage +350
Fire Damage +5
Charges 4

Superior Grapeshot is a Bombs in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. There are StandardEnhanced and Superior versions of this potion. 




1x Enhanced Grapeshot
1x Alchemists' Powder
2x Calcium Equum
2x Sulfur
2x Longrube
2x Hop Umbels
1x Nigredo





  • Found as loot on the ground floor of the haunted house on the Witcher contract: Doors Slamming Shut. The contract starts in Novigrad
  • Skellige- Cane be sold by Gremist



Notes or Trivia about Superior Grapeshot

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