Tier Common
Base Price 10

Alcohest is a Potion in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


1x Empty Bottle
1x Cherry Cordial
1x Nilfgaardian Lemon
1x Balisse Fruit

NOTE: Though Alcohest CAN be crafted through Alchemy, it can be found in abundance throughout the game simply by looting containers and enemy bodies. Furthermore, only 12 are needed to craft all the potions in the game, so it's best to not craft Alcohest altogether, especially since they require Cherry Cordial to craft, which are expensive, rarely found through looting, and are needed to craft White Gull, which is, generally speaking, the only Alcohol which needs to be crafted.

 Needed to Craft

 In order to craft all Potions in the game, Geralt must collect a total of 12 Alcohest.



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