Superior Elementa Oil


Effect +50% Attack Power vs Elementa
Charges 60

Superior Elementa Oil is an Oil in The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. There are Standard, Enhanced, and Superior versions of this Oil.




You can craft this oil with:

1x Alchemy Paste
1x Enhanced Elementa Oil
1x Nostrix
1x Essence of Wraith
1x Allspice
1x Honeysuckle
1x Albedo



Needed to Craft

This item is not needed to craft any item.




  • Benek- Within the chest close to the Nekker Nest west of Benek. In the same area also the diagram for the arbitrator can be found



Notes and Trivia about Superior Elementa Oil

  • ??






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    • Anonymous

      Another possible location for this is Condyle in Velen. Fast travel there then follow the path in front of you. You'll come to a barricade with a high level chest in front of it. The oil was there for me and was the only one I was missing. Hope it helps.

      • Anonymous

        From the overview page:Destroyed cart west of Benek, next to a nekker's nest - not for meAlso in room of Crach an Craite, silver chest next to his door - not for meIn a chest in the river in Novigrad (between the two bridges in front of the brothel) - tried to find it, no successMaybe that is related on the patch level or the difficulty.

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