Superior Vampire Oil


Effect +50% Attack Power vs Vampires
Charges 60

Superior Vampire Oil is an Oil in The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. There are Standard, Enhanced, and Superior versions of this Oil.




You can craft this oil with:

2x Alchemy Paste
1x Enhanced Vampire Oil
1x Fifth Essence
1x Wine Stone
1x Cortinarius
1x Wolfsbane
1x Vermillion



Needed to Craft

This item is not needed to craft any item.




  • Howler's Cave
  • Ard Skellig- Inside the Grotto which is underwater.
  • Velen- A chest close to the Harpy Feeding Ground.



Trivia or Notes about Superior Vampire  Oil

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    • Anonymous

      dude...i dont mean to be the arse in this but...cant you be more looking for this is because we dont know..and you telling us its a a harpy nest doesnt really narrow it down..i got an idea...why not put a bloody photo of the locations

      • Anonymous

        I havent found the Sup Vamp Oil yet.. Wasnt near or inside Widows Grotto. It wasnt in the Oxenfurt Prison Tower where another guide suggested.

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