Chort Decoction

chort decoction witcher 3 wiki guide
Type Decoction
Rarity Relic
Weight weight
Effects Provides complete resistance to the Stagger effect and reduces the Knock-down effects to Stagger.
Duration 1,800 secs
Toxicity 50
Charges 1

Chort Decoction is a Decoction in The Witcher 3: Wild HuntDecoctions are special mixtures that Geralt can imbibe to gain various buffs with more substantial effects compared to Potions, placing a greater emphasis on synergy with the player's build and playstyle. These effects have a much longer duration, but they also incur Decoction Toxicity which, unlike Potion Toxicity, does not dissipate over time and remains active for the duration of the Decoction, essentially holding a sizeable chunk of your Toxicity bar and limiting your ability to imbibe other concoctions. Decoctions can be used at any time from the Inventory. By default, they have only 1 charge each but can be replenished by Meditating for at least one hour while possessing one or more units of Alcohol.


Chort Decoction Attributes in The Witcher 3

The Chort Decoction has the following properties:

Provides complete resistance to the Stagger effect and reduces the Knock-down effects to Stagger.

This Decoction is particularly useful against ranged opponents which can stagger Geralt as he tries to close the distance such as Bandit Archers and Arachasae. It is also great for opponents that have heavy knock-down attack such as Leshens. Note that this does not reduce damage dealt by attacks with such effects, only the stagger/knock-down effects themselves.

Chort Decoction's effects have a base duration of 1,800 secs, but this can be improved with every single point invested in any Skills in the Alchemy Skill line. The Adaptation skill also specifically improves the duration of all Decoctions up to a maximum of 50%. However, this is generally not a worthwhile skill to invest in as you get more than enough of a duration boost just by investing in any Alchemy skills.


Chort Decoction Crafting Information in The Witcher 3

Like all Decoctions, the Chort Decoction can be crafted via Alchemy after finding its Manuscript. Manuscripts can be found randomly in treasure chests, particularly in guarded treasure, but some are also sold by certain Merchants while some formulae can even be learned by reading certain books and notes.

The required ingredients for crafting Chort Decoction are as follows:



The Witcher 3 Chort Decoction Notes & Trivia

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