Enhanced Vampire Oil


Effect +25% Attack Power vs Vampires
Charges 40

Enhanced Vampire Oil is an Oil in The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. There are Standard, Enhanced, and Superior versions of this Oil.




You can craft this oil with:

2x Bear Fat
1x Vampire Oil
1x Fifth Essence
1x Wine Stone
1x Cortinarius
1x Wolfsbane
1x Ribleaf



Needed to Craft

The following items use  Enhanced Vampire Oil:





Notes or Trivia about Enhanced Vampire Oil

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    • Anonymous

      The only I formation useful is to know WHERE to get it. No one needs to know the ingredients and everyone knows the effect is that it deals more damage to vampires...

      • Anonymous

        Rannveig lady isn't selling this... Where else is it?!? Got a few other alchemist plans but not this one at that herbalist...

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