Don't Play with the Gods

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Type Treasure Hunts
Region Velen
Location The Mire
Suggested Level 15

Don't Play with the Gods is a Treasure Hunt in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Treasure Hunts are optional Quests not required to finish the game. They are usually activated by interacting with special objects that provide information or clues on the Treasure Hunt objectives. Most treasure hunt quests involve following Geralt's Witcher Senses in order to find the treasure's final location. Complete Treasure Hunts to gain additional rewards. Activate this quest by interacting with the Unsent letter in Velen, it can be found: North of Byways, within Elven Ruins



Elven ruins are as dangerous as they are beautiful. Clear proof of this fact was given by the bodies Geralt found while exploring just such a set of decaying monuments in Velen. One of the corpses was carrying a set of notes. Intrigued, Geralt unfurled the parchment and began to read...


Don't Play with the Gods Objectives Witcher 3 

  • Read the notes you found.
  • Search for treasure in the elven ruins using your Witcher Senses.


Rewards for Don't Play with the Gods in The Witcher 3

  • Miscellaneous


Walkthrough for Don't Play with the Gods The Witcher 3

  • Activated by: Unsent letter
  • Location: The Mire
  • Enemies: Noonwraith, Nightwraith

This Treasure Hunt is activated by obtaining Unsent letter. It can be found: North of Byways, within Elven Ruins

Without following the path, the hidden treasure marker is located directly north of the byways signpost. 

A Noonwraith will be wandering the area. There will be a couple of corpses by a set of stairs. Loot the corpse leaning on the side of the stairs to obtain an unsent letter and a key to a chest. Read the letter than use your Witcher Senses to lead you up the stairs. Next to fallen statue and behind the barrels is the chest you are looking for. 


Journal Entry:

 Dear Elke,
Thank the gods fools believe in them! We've made good use of that fact twice now. Firstly, when we stole that load of silver from the temple. No one was watching it - because who would be brave enough to risk the gods' wrath by desecrating such a holy place? And then we hid it all in ruins said to have been cursed by the elven gods. No one goes near there, no one even looks at them too closely - so we didn't even really have to hide it, as treasure's safer there than in the Vivaldi Bank.
We'll spend the night in the woods, then I'll ride to Novigrad, find a buyer for the whole stash. We're going to be rich, Elke, rich! And maybe then I'll throw something in the plate, a token of my gratitude to superstition and stupidity!
-Your Edgar
To this day we still don't know exactly what happened. All that is certain is neither Edgar nor Elke ever came to collect the treasure hidden in the elven ruins. A druid friend of mine to whom I told this story claimed that they must have met with divine punishment.

I hope Geralt avoids a similar fate, for he helped himself to the valuables the blasphemers had gathered.


The Witcher 3 Don't Play with the Gods Notes & Trivia

  • Notes, Tips, Other Trivia for TW3 Don't Play with the Gods.



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