A Costly Mistake

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Type Treasure Hunts
Region Velen
Location Spitfire Bluff
Suggested Level 18

A Costly Mistake is a Treasure Hunt in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Treasure Hunts are optional Quests not required to finish the game. They are usually activated by interacting with special objects that provide information or clues on the Treasure Hunt objectives. Most treasure hunt quests involve following Geralt's Witcher Senses in order to find the treasure's final location. Complete Treasure Hunts to gain additional rewards. Activate this quest by interacting with the Smugglers notes in Velen, it can be found: On a wrecked boat West from Hangman's Alley



The gradual expansion of literacy in the Northern Realms pleased Geralt greatly, for this meant he happened across more and more interesting notes and missives - such as those he once found on the banks of the Pontar, near Oxenfurt... 


A Costly Mistake Objectives Witcher 3 

  • Read the letter you found.
  • Find the sunken treasure using your Witcher Senses.


Rewards for A Costly Mistake in The Witcher 3


Walkthrough for A Costly Mistake The Witcher 3

This Treasure Hunt is activated by obtaining Smugglers notes. It can be found: On a wrecked boat West from Hangman's Alley

Follow the path east from Spitfire Bluff. At the fork in the road is Hangman's Alley where a few Drowners will be. Clear them and a body will have the Smuggler's notes. 

There will be a  new marker for you in the water. More Drowners will be here where the sunken ship is. Clear them and rive in the  marked area to find the chest.


Journal Entry:

 Those were the days. You'd smuggle a few bottles of hooch into Oxenfurt, then loiter about the dormitories selling it to students. You'd come away with a hefty sack of coin, and they'd have their spirits fortified for study. Then along came Radovid, who shut down the university, chased the students away and positioned ballistae on the riverbank to shoot everything floating up or down the Pontar, swans included.
But there hasn't been a dark cloud yet that didn't have a silver lining. Yesterday I saw our brave soldiers sink a merchant vessel. It went straight to the bottom along with its crew - and its cargo. A shame about the men, true, but it would also be a shame to let all those goods go to waste. So me and Martin will fish them out, dry them off and then sell them - and maybe at last I'll have something to put in my pot.
The Redanian soldiers' mistake turned out to be Geralt's good fortune. He rescued several valuable items from the ship they sank, then traded them for a great deal of coin.


The Witcher 3 A Costly Mistake Notes & Trivia

  • Notes, Tips, Other Trivia for TW3 A Costly Mistake.



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