Freya Be Praised!

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Type Treasure Hunts
Region Skellige
Location Ard Skellig
Suggested Level 4

Freya Be Praised! is a Treasure Hunt in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Treasure Hunts are optional Quests not required to finish the game. They are usually activated by interacting with special objects that provide information or clues on the Treasure Hunt objectives. Most treasure hunt quests involve following Geralt's Witcher Senses in order to find the treasure's final location. Complete Treasure Hunts to gain additional rewards. Activate this quest by interacting with the Itinerant merchant’s notes in Skellige, it can be found: On a corpse by a cart by Arinbjorn



Geralt found a crumpled note on the body of an itinerant merchant. Intrigued, he decided to examine it more closely.


Freya Be Praised! Objectives Witcher 3  

  • Read the crumpled note.
  • Find the treasure chest using your Witcher Senses.



Rewards for Freya Be Praised! in The Witcher 3 


Walkthrough for Freya Be Praised! The Witcher 3

This Treasure Hunt is activated by obtaining Itinerant merchant’s notes. It can be found: On a corpse by a cart by Arinbjorn

Just southeast of the Blandare sighpost is the location of the Hidden Treasure past the Shopkeeper on the southern path path.

You will find a fallen horse and his deceased rider. Interact with the rider to gain Itinerant merchant’s notes. Then use your Witcher senses to located the treasure after reading the notes. 
Thetreasure chest location will be further south underwater. 


Journal Entry:

 Praise be to Freya, Our Great Mother!
They said the road was fraught with danger, that sea devils awaited any who traveled it, that a bandit was lurking behind every tree.
But I sacrificed a lamb to Freya and put on an amulet made of falcon feathers - and what do you know, made it all the way across the isle without having to so much as draw my sword! And I did some damned fine trading along the way - packed my chest so full of silver and other treasures that my back almost snapped when I was setting it on the wagon.
If everything goes as planned, I'll be home by tomorrow around sunset. I'll owe the goddess mightily for taking such care of me!
Perhaps Freya judged the offering inadequate, or perhaps she had always scorned the merchant - one way or the other, the poor fellow did not manage to make it home alive.

Geralt took custody of his abandoned possessions, though I doubt the thought entered his head to thank the goddess for this.


The Witcher 3 Freya Be Praised! Notes & Trivia

  • Notes, Tips, Other Trivia for TW3 Freya Be Praised!.


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