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Vimme Vivaldi

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Vimme Vivaldi is a Character/NPC in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

"The dwarves have been in the banking business since the legendary King Desmond of Temeria was just a snot- nosed brat in short trousers asking for more "yam" with his "bwed." Since then, the prominent dwarven banking families - the Giancardis, the Vivaldis and the Cianfanellis have only expanded their services, establishing branches in all the larger cities of the North.

Vimme Vivaldi carried the torch of this venerable tradition into modern times. growing the Novigrad branch of his family's bank until it was the largest in the city. Geralt and I had met him over a dozen years before our story begins and had always appreciated his honesty and financial acumen.

The latter he gave further proof of during the time in which our story takes place. for his bank remained profitable even in the face of growing nonhuman oppression."

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