Ronvid of the Small Marsh

[Image of character]
First seen near hut by Crow's Perch
Face Me if You Dare

Ronvid of the Small Marsh is a Character/NPC in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Ronvid of the Small Marsh Information


  • Crow's Perch
  • Novigrad

Related Quests


  • You find him the first time in Crow's Perch. There he challenges you to a duel, affirming that he must win 100 duels to prove that his beloved Maid Bilberry is the most beautiful woman in the world. After two more encounters in different places of Velen, you may kill him.
  • In an announcement board you can read that a 4 year old girl named Bilberry has died. It's unclear if this is related to Ronvid in any way (the note is signed by the girl's father, Butkins), but it seems unlikely that someone would "set out to kill 100 knights" to impress a 4 year old child (or to prove that she's "the most beautiful woman in the world"). Unless Ronvid is the father and this is his way of dealing with the grief.

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