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Quests The Fall of the House of Reardon, Ghosts of the Past

Letho is a Character/NPC in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Known as Letho of Gulet or his more infamous moniker, the Kingslayer, he is a Witcher of the School of the Viper, and an associate of Geralt. In the prequel, he is the main antagonist.

Some friends you see after many years apart and you immediately develop a headache. Not out of antipathy, but as a somatic premonition of the hangover sure to follow your drunken reunion. Seeing others, however, gives you an itching pain in your back and a desire to reach for your blade.
For Geralt, Letho of Gulet had a foot in both of these camps. This renegade witcher of the school of the Viper had the blood of at least two Nordling kings on his hands, the fruit of his cooperation with Nilfgaard's emperor, Emhyr var Emreis. Accused of these crimes, Geralt was forced to chase down Letho to clear his own name. Though both walked away from their final confrontation in the ruins of Loc Nuinne alive and unharmed, Geralt did not think he would ever see Letho again.
It thus came as quite a shock when he happened across Letho in a barn loft somewhere in the war-ravaged Temerian borderlands.
It turned out Letho's former employer was less than satisfied with his performance and had set a variety of blood hounds on his trail. In these circumstances, the presence of another witcher to guard his back was more than welcome. Geralt remembered the care Letho had given Yennefer and, in a show of solidarity, decided to help his former companion deal with his pursuers.

If Geralt kills Letho's pursuers:

In order to shake the hounds off his trail, Letho had decided on a risky maneuver — faking his own death. His plan would have worked perfectly, too, had Geralt's hero reflexes not been a tad overstrung, causing him to butcher any and all witnesses who might have spread the news.

If Geralt goes along with Letho's plan:

In order to shake the hounds off his trail, Letho had decided on a risky maneuver — faking his own death. Although Geralt had no forewarning of this, he improvised with aplomb and sent Letho's pursuers off convinced they had rid the world of a kingslayer.
After that, there was nothing more for Letho to do but disappear. Geralt proposed he hide out at Kaer Morhen for a while, and after a bit of thought Letho agreed.

Letho Information

The choices done in The Witcher 2 will affect what happens in Witcher 3, therefore, in order for Letho to appear in the game, he must be spared in the second game, or when prompted in the quest Imperial Audience, Geralt must choose the answer that Letho lives, else the game will simulate that Geralt had killed Letho. 


  • Reardon Manor, Velen
  • Kaer Morhen (if Geralt convinces him to go there)


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Originally a witcher of the School of the Viper, Geralt rescued him whilst chasing the Wild Hunt. Letho then helped accompany Geralt in his attempt to find the Hunt and Yennefer.

He then reappears in the prequel, The Witcher 2, as the main antagonist of the game; hired by the Nilfgaardian Empire to destabilize the Northern Kingdoms, he worked with the Scoia'tael and some members of the Lodge of Sorceresses to destabilize the region for a Nilfgaardian invasion of the North. He killed Demavend, the King of Aedirn and Sovereign of the Pontar Valley; and Foltest, King of Temeria, whilst Foltest being accompanied by Geralt.

Regardless of who Geralt helps, Letho will reappear in the finale of the game, where Geralt can ask him everything he missed out, and will be faced with 2 choices: kill Letho or let him go free.  


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