Avallac'h - The Mysterious Elf

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The Mysterious Elf is a Character/NPC in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

"It turned out not only Geralt was looking for Cirilla. Also on her trail - a mysterious elven mage. Like the witcher. he had gone to Keira Metz to inquire after Ciri's whereabouts. During this conversation he also revealed that he kept a hideout in the ruins near the village of Midcopse.

Geralt decided to follow up on this lead. Though he was not able to establish the mysterious mage's identity. he did learn that he had been traveling with Cirilla some time before and the Wild Hunt was after him as well.

Geralt's investigation in Skellige unearthed evidence that the mysterious elven mage had protected Cirl from certain death at the hands of the Wild Hunt's warriors.

Skjall's words drew a new detail onto the emerging picture of the mage. After the Wild Hunt's attack. Skjall had seen Ciri and a mysterious elf sail away from Skellige. their course set for the high seas.?"

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  • Avallac'h is an Aen Saevherne [Elvan Sage] of the Aen Elle elves.
    He seems to know too much about Ciri's Destiny ,But he himself is very mysterious and reluctant to share knowledge with others.
    Onecan certain that as an Aen Saevherene he wields tremendous power beyond that of any human Sorcerer.

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