Anna Strenger

anna strenger
Location Crockbag Bog
Quests Ladies of the Wood, Family Matters

Anna Strenger is a Character/NPC in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Anna Strenger Information

"Geralt did not meet Anna Strenger, the Bloody Baron's wife, when he visited Crow's Perch. Some time before his arrival this woman had disappeared in unexplained circumstances along with her daughter, Tamara.

Geralt did, however, receive a detailed description of the missing woman. Anna was a comely forty-something woman with green eyes and hair dark as raven wings which she kept tied in a tight bun behind her head.

Geralt discovered that Anna's marital life had not been working out as well as she might have hoped. She had recently been pregnant, but lost her child for unknown reasons shortly before her disappearance.

When Geralt pushed the baron about the matter, the ugly truth finally came out. Desperate and miserable, Anna had fled. taking Tamara with her. after her drunken husband beat her badly.

The baron was convinced Anna had miscarried because of his actions. but Geralt was not so certain about this - he couldn't stop thinking about the strange talisman meant to ward off evil power Anna had received from the pellar. During their heart-to-heart the baron gave Geralt a somewhat clearer image of the Strengers' married life.

Once the baron discovered the truth, he fell into an indescribable fury and killed Anna's lover, something which, predictably enough, further deepened the chasm separating the couple.

During his search for Anna Geralt discovered, to his great astonishment, that she and the gray-haired old woman in the swamp were one and the same person. The marks on her hands seemed to be symbols of some mysterious pact she had made with the Crones.

Anna was found in the end, but the events she had witnessed and took part in had left such a deep mark on her body and mind that she would never again be the same. Her mind had quite simply cracked under the weight of it all, dropping her into an abyss of horror and despair.

Geralt's suspicions were confirmed shortly thereafter. The curse afflicting the unfortunate woman was indeed the times“ doing. Anna had turned to the ghastly sisters because she did not wish to give birth to the baron's child. The Crones granted her wish in their own, twisted way: with a curse which made the fetus inside her wither on the vine, taking Anna‘s life energy with it.

In despair she turned to the pellar, who made her a talisman to hamper the evil magic's influence. Anna had lost this during her fight with the baron and was thus rendered defenseless against the Crones' magic.

After that, the worst was free to happen - the markings on her palms began to burn and a fiend dragged her to the heart of Crookback Bog. where she paid back her debt as the Crones' slave."



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      she can be found after completing the wandering the dark quest, and you have to look for the witches of crookback bog.

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