Superior Swallow

Effect Accelerates Vitality regeneration by 80/s.
Toxicity 20
Duration 40s
Charges 5

Superior Swallow is a Potion in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. There are Standard, Enhanced and Superior versions of this potion.


Superior Swallow Information



1x White Gull
1x Enhanced Swallow
6x Berbercane Fruit
6x White Myrtle Petals
4x Celandine
4x Crow’s Eye
2x Vitriol

Needed to Craft



Formula can be bought from Gremist on Ard Skellige


Of all the Superior (Level 3) Alchemy Formulae in the game, Superior Swallow is the only one that requires TWO of a Special Alchemical Ingredient (such as Rubedo, Quebrith, Albedo, etc.—Vitriol in the case of Superior Swallow) to make.

    • Anonymous

      How do you get 2x Vitriol05 Jul 2016 15:39  

      I'm only able to make 1 Vitriol in my Alchemy menu and then it says I already have this item. (Can't make any more til it's used)...So how do I get 2x Vitriol to make the Superior Swallow Potion?

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