Junk in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt refer to items that Geralt may find but have no particular use for. Despite their lack of purpose, many Junk items can be taken to a Blacksmith or Armorer to be dismantled into various Crafting Components. Some can even be sold for high prices, particularly jewelry and those made of precious metals like silver and gold. Some Quest Items are moved into the Junk tab in Geralt's inventory after they've outlived their purpose and can safely be sold, dismantled or discarded as normal.

  • A craftsman's skill level (Amateur, Journeyman, Master) affects the amount of components you can get for dismantling some items. This also applies to Junk. For the best results, always bring your Junk items to Yoana the Master Armorer at Crow's Perch who also charges the least for dismantling services.
  • Innkeepers will typically pay more for junk compared to all other types of Merchants.
  • Junk items all have weight so it's always best to get rid of them to free up space for more important Items.


All Junk Items in The Witcher 3


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Note: The list below indicates the minimum amount of components you can get for dismantling each item, as if dismantling with an Amateur-level Craftsman.


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