Merchants are NPCs in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Merchants are NPCs that provide a set of wares for sale or different services to the player. Each merchant may specialize in certain types of Items and equipment such as Weapons, Armor or Ingredients. Aside from selling Items, merchants will also purchase needed junk and materials. Some merchants will value specific items over others or may even pay a higher price. Merchants can be found in many different Locations in the world of Witcher 3. They are mostly found around small communities or villages and may be marked on the map with their own icon. 

Merchant Types Witcher 3

Each Merchant in Witcher 3 may hold specific types of Equipment and Items in their inventory for sale. Their wares can depend on the type of Merchant they are which can be determined from speaking to them or by checking their merchant icon from the map. In Witcher 3 you have a chance to encounter merchants that are Alchemists, Herbalists, Innkeepers, and the latest addition, Vintners. Other merchants will special wares and services related to Weapons, Armor and Equipment include the Blacksmiths and Armorers. The rest of the merchants are called shopkeepers who will usually hold common or general items and Materials, but will still vary from person to person and may open a specialty shop such as a book shop. Below is a list of all types of Merchants and their types of wares.

Equipment Merchants:

Who are the Richest Merchants in Witcher 3

Merchants with a larger cash supply will be able to pay more handsomely for high value items, while others with insufficient funds may not be able to afford some Items at all. Player will want to seek out Merchants who can afford what you have to sell which are usually found in larger communities and cities. 

Do Merchants Restock Items Witcher 3

Different merchant categories will have their own types of wares, each Vendor character will also have their unique set of wares. Once you make a purchase from a Merchant, you may wait 5 game days for their stock to replenish. The days can also be passed by meditating. This will refresh the merchant's supply. This also applies to their cash supply when trying to sell something to them instead. 

Merchant Locations Witcher 3

Merchants or Vendors in Witcher 3 are usually Located within small villages or communities. A number of different vendors can especially be found in bigger cities. When selling Items to vendors for gold, usually Vendors in big cities will have a higher rate to offer for your items. Shopkeepers and each type of merchant vendor are also marked on the map with their own unique icons. 

Tips for Selling to Merchants Witcher 3

  • Some Items can be dismantled into more Materials and Items. Some of these are rare and more useful or valuable as Crafting Components. Before selling each item as it is, take a look at what Materials they produce when dismantled as these Materials can either be useful late game or sold as individual Materials. 
  • Merchants will have their cash supply displayed on their menu. Vendors with a lower cash supply will be more difficult to sell higher value items to. Merchants in big cities and those in Novigrad will usually have a larger supply in order to sell your higher value wares. Their supply can also be replenished after 5 game days 



All Merchants Witcher 3

White Orchard Merchants

  • Bram (Merchant)
  • Sawmill Merchant
  • Elsa - White Orchart Inn (Innkeeper)
  • Tomira (Herbalist)
  • Roadside Shrine Herbalist

Velen Merchants

  • Blackbough Merchant
  • Boatmakers' Hut Merchant
  • Calveit Watchtower Merchant
  • Claywich Merchant
  • Coast of Wrecks Merchant
  • Downwarren Merchant
  • Lindenvale Merchant
  • Midcopse Merchant
  • Mire Landing Merchant
  • Oreton Merchant
  • Crow's Perch Trader  (Merchant)
  • Crow's Perch Quartermaster  (Merchant)
  • Anselm - Crow's Perch  (Merchant)
  • Bald Mountain Traders (Merchant)
  • Velen Traveling Yrader (Merchant)
  • Liberated Site Merchant
  • Liberated Camp Merchant
  • Abandoned Site Merchant
  • Mulbrydale Crossroad Merchant
  • Nilfgaardian Army Group Camp Merchant
  • South Border Post Merchant
  • Inn at the Crossroads Innkeeper
  • Lindenvale Innkeeper
  • Keira Metz - Keira Metz's hut (Alchemist)
  • The Pellar (Alchemist)
  • Village Herbalist
  • Cunny of the Goose Herbalist
  • Olena's Grove Herbalist
  • Refugees' Camp Herbalist
  • Camp Herbalist

Novigrad Merchants

  • Gildorf Merchant
  • Putrid Grove Merchant
  • Fish Market Merchant
  • Hierarch Square Merchant
  • Marcus T.K. Hodgson (Hierarch Square)
  • Southern Gate Loan Shark (Merchant)
  • Poor Merchant
  •  North Silverton Merchant 
  • West Silverton Halfling Merchant
  • Silverton Fishmonger (Merchant)
  • Silverton Shopkeeper (Merchant)
  • Tretogor Gate Merchant
  • North of Oxenfurt Merchant
  • Scoia'tael Merchant in the forest outside Novigrad
  • Farcorners Outskirts Merchant
  • Mohrin Village Merchant
  • Upper Mill Ofieri Merchant
  • Circus troupe Encampment (Merchant)
  • Stacheier (Merchant)
  • Crane Cape (Merchant)
  • South Loggers' Hut Scoia'tael Merchant 
  • Crossroads Scoia'tael Merchant 
  • Cunny of the Goose  Innkeeper
  • Seven Cats Inn Innkeeper
  • The Golden Sturgeon Innkeeper
  • The Kingfisher Innkeeper
  • The Nowhere Inn Innkeeper
  • Rosemary and Thyme Innkeeper
  • Olivier - The Kingfisher (Innkeeper)
  • Stjepan - The Alchemy (Innkeeper)
  • Crematory Alchemist
  • Electors' Square Preacher (Alchemist)
  • Hierarch Square Herbalist
  • Glory Lane Herbalist
  • Otto Bamber - Herbalist's Hut (Herbalist)
  • Master Topical (Herbalist)
  • Barrengarth Herbalist (Hearts of Stone expansion)
  • Heddel Herbalist (Hearts of Stone expansion)


Skellige Merchant

  • Blandare Merchant
  • Fayrlund Merchant
  • Fyresdal Merchant
  • Holmstein's Port Merchant
  • Kaer Trolde Harbor Merchant
  • Sawmill Merchant
  • Abandoned Sawmill Village Merchant
  • Kaer Trolde Harbor Barber Merchant
  • Isolated Hut Merchant
  • Larvik Merchant
  • Svorlag Merchant
  • Harviken Merchant
  • Ilge - Arinbjorn (Innkeeper)
  • Harviken Innkeeper
  • Larvik Innkeeper
  • Svorlag Innkeeper
  • Urialla Harbor Innkeeper
  • Jonas - The New Port (Alchemist)
  • Freya - Freya's Garden (Alchemist)
  • Gremist - Gedyneith (Alchemist)
  • Yolar - Gedyneith (Alchemist)
  • Jonna - Rannvaig (Alchemist)
  • Ruined Inn Herbalist
  • Kaer Trolde village Herbalist
  • Druids' Camp Herbalist
  •  Kvalheim Isle Herbalist

Kaer Morhen Merchants

  • Keira Metz (Alchemist)

Toussaint Shopkeepers

  • Beauclair Port Butcher (Merchant)
  • Villa Vedette Clerk (Merchant)
  • Hugo Monnart - The Clever Clogs Tavern (Merchant)
  • Little Flint Girl- Land of a Thousand Fables (Merchant)
  • Dupont & Sons Merchant
  • Flovive Merchant
  • Francollarts Merchant
  • Perfumery Alchemist Merchant
  • The Cockatrice Inn Merchant
  •  Wine Market Merchant
  • Pierre - Tailor's Workshop  (Merchant)
  • Rafael de Surmann -The Ducal Camerlengo (Innkeeper)
  • Calixte Moire - The Silver Salamander Inn (Innkeeper
  • Flovive Innkeeper
  • Fox Hollow Innkeeper
  • Francollarts Innkeeper
  • The Cockatrice Inn Innkeeper
  • The Pheasantry Innkeeper
  • Tourney Grounds Innkeeper
  • The Adder and Jewels Winery Sommelier (Innkeeper)
  • Perfumery Alchemist Merchant
  • Castel Ravello Herbalist
  • Coronata Herbalist
  • Beauclair Herb Store Herbalist
  • Hortense Vineyard Herbalist
  • Pinastri (Herbalist)
  • Chuchote Cave Wine Merchant Alchemist
  • Duchaton Crest Wine Merchant
  • Dun Tynne Hillside Wine Merchant
  • Gray Grotto Wine Merchant
  • Rivecalme Storehouse Wine Merchant



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