Enhanced Black Blood

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Item Type Potion
Rarity Magic Item
Effects Witcher's blood injures and knocks back vampires and necrophages when they wound him.
20% damage returned
Duration 45 secs
Toxicity 15
Charges 4
Upgraded From Black Blood
Upgrades Into Superior Black Blood

Enhanced Black Blood is a Potion in The Witcher 3: Wild HuntPotions are special concoctions that Geralt can imbibe to gain a plethora of short-lived effects that are highly beneficial both in and out of combat. However, they also have adverse effects on his blood Toxicity that need to be managed. Potions can be used at any time from the Inventory, or they can be assigned to your Consumables Quickslots for easy access. They have a limited number of charges but can be replenished by Meditating for at least one hour while possessing one or more units of Alcohol.  

This Potion is upgraded from Black Blood and can be upgraded into the Superior Black Blood.


Enhanced Black Blood Potion Attributes in The Witcher 3

The Enhanced Black Blood Potion has the following properties:

Witcher's blood injures and knocks back vampires and necrophages when they wound him.
20% damage returned

This upgraded version of the Black Blood Potion adds a knockback effect against Vampires and Necrophages on top of the base effect. It also increases the percentage of damage returned.

Enhanced Black Blood's effects have a base duration of 45 secs, but this can be improved with every single point invested in any Skills in the Alchemy Skill line.


Enhanced Black Blood Crafting Information in The Witcher 3

Like most PotionsEnhanced Black Blood can be crafted via Alchemy after finding and reading its Manuscript. Manuscripts can be found randomly in treasure chests, particularly guarded treasure, but many can also be purchased from Herbalists and Alchemists in major cities, towns and other settlements.

The required ingredients for crafting Enhanced Black Blood are as follows: 



The Witcher 3 Enhanced Black Blood Potion Notes & Trivia

  • Additional Notes & Trivia for the Enhanced Black Blood Potion go here.




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