Combat/Alchemy Hybrid

Muscle Memory - 5/5
Precises Blows - 5/5
Whirl - 5/5
Crippling Strikes - 5/5
Fleet Footed - 5/5
Resolve - 5/5
Razor Focus - 5/5

I've picked every single skill in the Fast Attack tree, took Fleet Footed in the Defense tree so I don't get hit by attacks while dodging out of the way. In the Battle Trance tree I took Resolve so I don't lose Adrenaline Points when hit and Razor Focus to build up Adrenaline Points faster.

Poisoned Blades - 5/5
Acquired Tolerance - 3/3
Refreshment - 5/5
Protective Coating - 5/5

The most important skill in Alchemy is Acquired Tolerance, it increases your maximum Toxicity by 1 for every Alchemy Formula known. I'm sitting at 213 Toxicity which allows me to drink two Decoctions and still use other potions. I grabbed Poisoned Blades to add a little bit of damage and progress through the tree. I took Refreshment and Protective Coating for extra healing and survivability. Refreshment heals your for 25% for each potion consumed and Protective Coating gives you 25% extra defenses against the target of your oils.

General Skills
Bear School Techniques - 1/1
Feline School Techniques - 1/1

I grabbed Bear School Techniques for the extra vitality that each piece of heavy armor gives you. I'm using the Ursine armor myself, if you prefer light armor you can choose to swap Bear School Techniques with Cat School Techniques. I personally wouldn't go for the medium armor option as this build does not specialize in signs.

Mastercrafted Ursine Armor set & swords - Gives you a bunch of extra percent adrenaline point gain, more resistances and it also gives extra vitality if you chose to grab Bear School Techniques.
Mastercrafted Feline Armor set & swords - Gives you more attack power, less resistances and gives you extra critical hit damage and faster attack damage if you chose to grab Cat School Techniques.

You could also combine the Ursine armor with the feline swords for a little bit more damage at the loss of adrenaline point gain.

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