- Agile Cat (The school of the Cat) -

A build that is not only great for immersion but works great and is fun to use even on Death March.
This archetype of my interpretation focuses on maximizing bonuses and perks from gear, talents and alchemy.

- The Playstyle -

You want to dodge every attack and not give the same opportunity to your foes but quickly stab them and/or stun them with Aard.
If you encounter a flying enemy you can easily put him to the ground by using an alternate version of Aard.

- A few valuable pieces of information: -

- Skills -

Your first must-have skill is - 'Delusion'. The reason for this is because you can use this in many conversations, some of which are important and some will grant you additional rewards.

Also, it is worth noting that you will not be able to take 4 of those skills and use them if you don't maximize the skill tree from Blood and Wine (check summary for more information).

Combat Skills:

  1. Muscle Memory 5/5
  2. Resolve 5/5
  3. Precise Blows 5/5
  4. Fleet Footed 5/5
  5. Whirl 5/5
  6. Razor Focus 5/5
  7. Crippling Strikes 5/5
  8. Flood of Anger 5/5

You might notice all the skills are from the Fast Attacks category, the reason is obvious. There are also talents that prevent you from losing Adrenaline Points. Additionally, I assigned Flood of Anger to maximize the utility of Adrenaline Points.


  1. Delusion 3/3
  2. Far-Reaching Aard 3/3
  3. Aard Sweep 3/3
  4. Aard Intensity 5/5
  5. Shock Wave 5/5

The Delusion choice is already explained; Aard choices are great to use with Cat School Gear and fit this build very well.


--- NOTHING ---

This is because there are very few skills that would be useful and you would have to waste skill points, and more importantly - there are better skills for this kind of build. BUT with an exception to the Synergy which you can swap in your Skill Tree with Delusion. More on that in Summary.

General Skills/Abilities:

  1. Cat School Techniques 1/1
  2. Attack is the Best Defense 1/1
  3. Gorged on Power 1/1

Note 1. Cat School Techniques - the name of the skill tells you why you want to select it.
Note 2. Attack is the Best Defense - this skill will reward this playstyle by conserving precious Adrenaline Points.
Note 3. Gorged on Power will give us a perpetual Aard buff. 


Your main mutation is going to be: Piercing Cold.



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    • Anonymous

      10 Jan 2019 22:09  

      You cannot put points in Signs tree only in Aard. You need put more to other signs for unlock higher level of Aard sign.

      • 05 Jan 2019 12:24  

        I had the ambition to write there all of my 6x 'ultimate' builds that cover all styles, schools and signs and synergizes with each other even from Vanilla to Expansions. But it turned out to be a kinda clunky website so it was more chore than satisfaction.

        • Anonymous

          04 Jun 2018 16:56  


          Is this guide complete?

          You say to check summary for more info. about the skills but there's no summary at all. I've checked your other build guide and there's a summary, so I think this one is incomplete... :P

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