- The White Wolf (The School of the Wolf) - 

A build is not only great for immersion purposes but works great and is fun to use even on Death March.
This archetype of my interpretation focuses on maximizing bonuses and perks from gear, talents and alchemy.

- The Playstyle -

To maximize build you should do a rotation like this while fighting:

  1. (Optional) Drink Blizzard, Thunderbolt, Swallow;
  2. Throw Northern Wind on your enemy(s);
  3. Prepare your focus points of fight with Yrden + (Optional) Magic Trap/s;
  4. Unleash unstoppable Whirlwind
  • If you are fighting flying monster instead of placing Yrden you should focus on its alternative version - Magic Trap.

- A few valuable pieces of information: -

- Skills: -

Before I will list my skill tree's, I want  to mention which talent's you WANT to have ASAP:

  • First and most important is - "Delusion" (number one skill from Axii tree). And the reason for this is because you can use this in a lot of conversation's, some of them are important and some of them will grant you additional rewards.
  • If you lack experience (I am not talking about in-game mechanic) and not only then, you want to have:

Those both grant you great survivability at the beginning of the game, assuming that you are playing on 'DEATH MARCH'.
Also, worth to notice is that you will not be able to take 4 of those skills and use them if you won't maximize skill tree from Blood and Wine (check summary for more information).

Combat Skills

  1. Muscle Memory 5/5
  2. Precise Blows 5/5
  3. Whirl 5/5
  4. Razor Focus 5/5
  5. Crippling Strikes 5/5
  6. (Your choice, mine is:) Deadly Precision 2/2

It looks like this because Whirl is must have for this build because of extremely good combo potential with Yrden and Northern Wind + with this skill (Whirlwind), fast attacks are must have too.
Deadly Precision is not must have or even is not matching that great with this setup.


  1. Delusion 3/3
  2. Sustained Glyphs 2/2
  3. Magic Trap 3/3
  4. Yrden Intensity 5/5
  5. Supercharged Glyphs 5/5
  6. (Optional to use after maximizing "Blood and Wine" skill tree) Exploding Shield 3/3

Reason for this skill tree to look like is simple and is even in the description of this build and it's because we want to have as much power on Yrden as we can and also Delusion is an important skill for story purposes.


--- NOTHING ---

It's because there are very few skills that can be useful and we would have to waste a lot of skill points and what is a better argument - there are better skills for this kind of build.

General Skills/Abilities:

 This tree will look different if you choose other difficulties than "Death March"

  1. (Death March) Sun and Stars 1/1
  2. (Death March) Survival Instinct 1/1
  3. Griffin School Techniques 1/1
  4. Gorged on Power 1/1

Note 1. Sun and Stars are very good to use early (life regeneration) in the game and even later (stamina regeneration).
Note 2. Survival Instinct similar to Sun and Stars is very good in every stage of the game, especially on maxed out difficulties, that is because more hp means more mistakes you can make while fighting.
Note 3. We will be using Griffin School Techniques because Wolf School Gear is a Medium type.
Note 4. Gorged on Power is very, very useful skill when you are focusing on only one Sign, what this build fulfils - Yrden.


Your main mutation is going to be: Adrenaline Rush


You can use and utilize all those skills only after maximizing Blood and Wine skill tree, without it you do not really need:

So the order of your skills should look like:

  1. Delusion
  2. Suns and Stars/Survival Instinct
  3. Survival Instinct/Suns and Stars

    That 3 are the most important, to start with, other you can choose as you wish AND REMEMBER you will also have to take some random stuff in order to proceed in the skill tree.

- Gear -

I will split this section into 3 categories to make it easier to understand:

- Wild Hunt -

  1. Your first goal is Temerian Armor Set (White Orchid; is sold by the merchant - NPC that you save in cutscene from Griffin, shortly after riding on Roche), because not only looks cool but also is very good armour especially at the beginning of your journey. Unfortunately, I don't recommend using Griffin School Techniques with this armour because it is, in fact, Light clothes.
  2. Your second goal is Nilfgaardian Armor Set (Crow's Perch; is sold by Quartermaster), and reasons for this are: this armour is actually Medium one; looks cool; outstands from its contemporaries.
  3. Your quite final goal is Wolf School Gear and its next levels and it is very important for roleplaying purposes and maximizing Yrden and Fast Attacks Fast Attacks potential.

- Hearths of Stone -

  1. At the beginning of this Expansion, you will have the master level of  Wolf School Gear and you will stick with it until you will have an opportunity to buy Viper Armor*.

    And that is the only armour you want to have (you will get Steel Swords while ending of 'Sesame Open', in one of the chests; and Silver Sword is pretty much optional because to earn it you will have to choose specific ending with helping Olgierd and to make it harder, you will have to find this blade).

- Blood and Wine -

  1. This Expansion is same as HoS, you want only one armour and that is Grandmaster version of Wolf School Gear.

Of course, that isn't a must, but those armours provide you with the best stats and composite very well with This Build.

- Runewords, Runes and Glyphs -

Of course, this build wouldn't be full without Runewords, this thing doubles the fun from New Game+

  • Runeword that we will utilize in the Chest Plate is - 'Entanglement'
  • Runeword that we will utilize in the Steel Sword is - 'Severance'
  • Runeword that we will utilize in the Silver Sword is - 'Severance'

You want to put in all other slots of your set - Glyph of Yrden.
The choice for this should be simple, they maximize our combo with Yrden + Whirlwind.


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    • Anonymous

      28 Nov 2018 11:45  

      Might I suggest adding a step between nilfgaardian and wolf armor? You can find the undvik armor at Kaer Trolde and yes it’s heavy armor, but it’s better than the nilfgaard set and can be used all throughout Skellige as you can’t get wolf armor til after that anyway.

      • 25 Jan 2018 21:47  

        Griffin is better if you want only to use Igni because you will not need to use the sword and since Yrden does low damage, it's just better with Wolven Gear since this armour buff both Attacks and Signs. But that is only my opinion, feel free to utilize anything you want :)

        • Anonymous

          25 Jan 2018 15:27  

          " final goal is Wolf School Gear and its next levels and it is very important for roleplaying purposes and maximizing Yrden and Fast Attacks " for maximizing Yerden, isn't griffin gear a better choice beacause of the gear set bonus ?

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