Substances in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are a subcategory of Alchemy Ingredients, which are crafting materials that Geralt can collect and use to craft Witcher tools and other items via Alchemy. Substances are comprised of minerals, powders, pastes and liquids that are used to create a chemical reaction with other ingredients during the alchemy process. They can be obtained as random loot from opponents and treasure chests, as well as purchased from Alchemists and other merchants.


All Substances in The Witcher 3


Quick Search of All Substance Ingredients in The Witcher 3


Name Used to Craft Source

Tw3 alchemy pasteAlchemy Paste

Common Item

Master's weapon repair kitSuperior beast oilSuperior cursed oilSuperior draconid oilSuperior elementa oilSuperior hanged man's venomSuperior hybrid oilSuperior insectoid oilSuperior necrophage oilSuperior ogroid oilSuperior relict oilSuperior specter oilSuperior vampire oil

 Loot / Purchase

Tw3 aetherAether

Magic Item

Superior catSuperior dragon's dreamSuperior ogroid oilSuperior samum


Tw3 albedoAlbedo

Magic Item

Superior draconid oilSuperior elementa oilSuperior hybrid oilSuperior Ursine silver sword


Tw3 alchemists powderAlchemists' powder

Superior devil's puffball, Superior dimeritium bomb, Superior dragon's dream, Superior grapeshot, Superior moon dust, Superior samum Loot / Purchase

Tw3 calcium equumCalcium equum

Enhanced devil's puffballSuperior devil's puffballGrapeshotEnhanced grapeshotSuperior grapeshot Loot / Purchase

Tw3 dark essenceDark essence

Enhanced full moonFull moon Nightwraiths

Tw3 fifth essenceFifth essence

Griffin silver swordLegendary Griffin silver swordMastercrafted Griffin armorMastercrafted Legendary Griffin armorEnhanced vampire oilSuperior vampire oilMastercrafted Wolven armorMastercrafted Legendary Wolven armorWolven silver swordLegendary Wolven silver sword Loot / Purchase

Tw3 hydragenumHydragenum

Gray armor dyeSuperior insectoid oilSuperior necrophage oil Alchemy

Tw3 optima materOptima mater

Dimeritium bombEnhanced dimeritium bombSuperior dimeritium bombEnhanced dragon's dreamSuperior dragon's dreamMastercrafted Ursine armorMastercrafted Legendary Ursine armor Loot / Purchase

Tw3 phosphorusPhosphorus

Brown armor dyeEnhanced dancing starSuperior dancing starDragon's dreamSuperior dragon's dreamEnhanced dragon's dreamEnhanced samumSuperior samum Loot / Purchase

Tw3 quebrithQuebrith

Superior full moonSuperior golden orioleSuperior hanged man's venomSuperior northern windSuperior thunderbolt Alchemy

Tw3 rebisRebis

Superior black bloodSuperior blizzardSuperior devil's puffballGreen armor dyeGreen mutagenGreater green mutagenLesser green mutagenSuperior specter oil , Ursine silver sword - mastercraftedLegendary Ursine silver sword - mastercrafted Alchemy

Tw3 rubedoRubedo

Superior beast oilSuperior cursed oilGreater red mutagenLesser red mutagenSuperior Petri's philterPink armor dyeRed armor dyeRed mutagen Alchemy

Tw3 saltpeterSaltpeter

Dancing starDevil's puffballDimeritium bombDragon's dreamGrapeshotMoon dustNorthern windSuperior northern windSamumZerrikanian powder Loot / Purchase

Tw3 sulfurSulfur

Dancing starEnhanced dancing starSuperior dancing starSuperior grapeshotGreater red mutagenEnhanced moon dustSuperior moon dustYellow armor dyeZerrikanian powder Loot / Purchase

Tw3 vermilionVermilion

Superior Maribor forestOrange armor dyeSuperior vampire oilSuperior White Raffard's decoction Alchemy

Tw3 vitriolVitriol

Blue armor dyeBlue mutagenGreater blue mutagenLesser blue mutagenSuperior swallowTurquoise armor dyeSuperior white honey Alchemy

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