Vampires in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are a Class of Creature. Creatures that are of this Class are as follows:

Vampires in The Witcher 3

Vampires are Creatures that use the blood of others to sustain their lives. Through the consumption of blood they absorb their victim's life force giving them power and sating them, generally. The vampires of the Witcher have a deal of variety to them, some may go out into the sun while others will be hurt or killed by it. They are physically powerful with wooden stakes and simple charms or symbols having little effect on them instead a Silver Sword is capable of defeating these creatures, though magic is also effective given the caster is strong enough. Higher vampires are capable of lasting without blood and in some ways are even weakened by its consumption while lower vampires deal with incredible urges to feed.

Vampire Classes


Alpha Garkain Alpha Garkains

Bruxa Bruxa


higher_vampire_icon.jpg Higher Vampire
gael_icon.jpg Gael
katakan_icon.jpg Katakan

sarasti_icon.jpg Ekimmara

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