Superior Cursed Oil

Required Level ??
Effect 50% Attack power vs Cursed Ones
Charges 60

Superior Cursed Oil is an Oil in the Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. There are standard, enhanced, and superior versions of this Oil.

Superior Cursed Oil Information


  • Required Alchemy Level: ??
  • Effect :50% Attack power vs Cursed Ones
  • Charges : 60


1x Enhanced Cursed Oil
1x Alchemy Paste
1x Ekimmara Hide
1x Cave Troll Liver
1x Mistletoe
1x Rubedo

    • Anonymous

      Superior Cursed Oil05 Jul 2016 15:37  

      Found it in a barrel at the start of the dungeons below Novigrad, accessible during/after "Now or Never" quest. The exit is still accessible after the quest, and can be found under the long crooked boat bridge/docks at the western part of the city at the docks.

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