Superior Elementa Oil

Required Level ??
Effect 50% Attack power v Elementa
Charges 60

Superior Elementa Oil is an Oil in the Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. There are standard, enhanced, and superior versions of this Oil.

Superior Elementa Oil Information


  • Required Alchemy Level: ??
  • Effect : 50% Attack power v Elementa
  • Charges : 60



1x Enhanced Elementa Oil
1x Alchemy Paste
1x Ekimmara Hide
1x Essence of Wraith
1x Allspice
1x Honeysuckle
1x Albedo

    • Anonymous

      12 Jan 2017 22:59  

      Another possible location for this is Condyle in Velen. Fast travel there then follow the path in front of you. You'll come to a barricade with a high level chest in front of it. The oil was there for me and was the only one I was missing. Hope it helps.

      • Anonymous

        No help from the overview page15 Sep 2016 15:10  

        From the overview page:<br/><br/>Destroyed cart west of Benek, next to a nekker's nest - not for me<br/><br/>Also in room of Crach an Craite, silver chest next to his door - not for me<br/><br/>In a chest in the river in Novigrad (between the two bridges in front of the brothel) - tried to find it, no success<br/><br/>Maybe that is related on the patch level or the difficulty.

        • Anonymous

          Where is it, seems to be random05 Jul 2016 15:36  

          Please post all possible locations or vendors and no the master herbalist don't have it in Skellege.

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