Contract: Deadly Delights

Location Novigrad
Creature or Person Hunted Salma
Suggested Level 15

Contract: Deadly Delights is a Contract in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. You can pick up this contract off the Notice Board near the Novigrad Docks.

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Contract: Deadly Delights Objectives

  1. Talk to the guard.
  2. Get information from the medic.
  3. Examine the crime scene.
  4. Follow the tracks.
  5. Talk to the brothel owner.
  6. Follow the scent of perfume.
  7. Talk to the man who is acting strangely.
  8. Find your way into the house.
  9. Confront the succubus.
  10. Collect your reward from the guard.





Locations: Novigrad: Canal Bridge, Crippled Kate's, Lilith's Townhouse
Characters: Sergeant Gilbert Witschke, Medic, Brothel Madame, Salma the Succubus
Enemies: None

Pick the quest from the Hierarch Square notice board, then approach the armed guard by a fence. He tells you a whole crew of fully armed men were slaughtered and asks that you hunt the beast that killed them. If you take on the contract, you are sent to the Medic, to investigate the corpses.

The medic will tell you the bodies had no claw marks, but were scratched and were found near the brothel district. Geralt must go investigate the place where the bodies were disposed for, so head towards the next objective.

Once you reach the alley, use your Witcher Senses and inspect the tracks. Hoofprints will come to your attention, but there's only a pair of them. Follow the prints through the backstreets until your quest updates, and then go around the building to enter the brothel and talk to the owner, who is by a table in the corner. Your conversation will go two ways:

  • If you tail her, the tracks lead to her brothel, she will tell you to manage on your own.
  • If you have Delusion Level 3, you can threaten to return with the guard and she will then reveal where you should look next.

If you return to the back of the brothel (the locked door) and look in a nearby corner, you will find a Perfume Vial. Use your Witcher Senses to follow the trail. It ends at a locked door, near which a clearly disoriented man is resting on a wall. Talk to him, and your log will update with Salma. He's been charmed by a succubus. Find your way into the residence by going all the way around it and then up the stairs of a neighboring structure, then outside and through the roof. You will enter the house from the attic, and then drop to the bedchamber from a hole in the roof.

Lilith, the succubus, is downstairs. Talk to her and chose:

  • Combat
  • Tell her to leave the city. She gives you a trophy to turn in your contract and a sword, Maugrim

Go back to the guard to conclude the contract

Notes & Trivia

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  • You can skip the interaction with the brothel owner by walking around to the locked door and inspecting the perfume bottle

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    • Anonymous

      If you use delusion on the brothel owner for the key, you can open the door and throw bombs at her. Takes a while and you'll have to meditate plenty of times but eventually she goes down eventually. Then walk into the room to trigger the cutscene and spare her. You get the trophy and sword from her and yoy can then loot the mutagen and a second trophy. Its somewhat unnecessary but if you want more you can bomb her double that's left behind afterwards for 3 trophys and 2 mutagens

      • Anonymous

        I made a quick edit don't know if it will take. The contract in not in Hierarch Square, it's on the notice board near the docks.

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