Contract: The White Lady

Location Notice Board south from Novigrad’s walls. Or bodies at Castle Drahim
Creature or Person Hunted White Lady
Reward Noonwraith Mutagen, Essence of Wraith, Specter Dust, Noonwraith Trophy, Crowns

Contract: The White Lady is a Contract in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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Contract: The White Lady Objectives

  1. Talk to the Widow.
  2. Look for the bodies of the White Lady’s victims.
  3. Investigate the place where the White Lady attacked.
  4. Follow the tracks.
  5. Investigate the ruined tower.
  6. Talk to the widow about the noonwraith.
  7. Throw the silver dagger into the fire to lure the noonwraith out.
  8. Take a trophy from the noonwraith.
  9. Collect your reward from Helma.



  • Noonwraith Mutagen, Essence of Wraith, Specter Dust, Noonwraith Trophy, I managed to get 305 Crowns with haggling (possibly more available if you want to haggle higher. Do please update this if you get a higher amount).
    • I got a 316 - started about 90 over the stock, dropped by 5 twice, then 10
  • Based on the haggle comment above (305), i tried a higher amount. Starting close to max, then down to 315, then 305. She did not accept the 305 and i was forced to do it for the stock price. Appears annoyance can change the haggle amount accepted.


Locations: Glory Gate, Portside Gate, Castle Drahim
Characters: Helma
Enemies: White Lady (Luzi is a Noonwraith)

Helma will be near her house and tell Geralt of the town's troubles with the White Lady. She will comment that the monster was last seen near a tower, and you will have an opportunity to barter for a better reward if you wish. Once this is settled, set off towards the objective and use your Witcher Senses once you arrive to spot:

  • A corpse with a panicked look.
  • Some beer bottles.
  • A burnt body.
  • A pallid corpse - but it still has its blood.
  • Footprints indicating someone fled the scene.
  • A blood-stained hay stack that makes your medallion vibrate.

Following the footprints will lead you to more corpses, a particular one that triggers: 'The skin is unnaturally pale. This must be a noonwraith!". You will need an item that belonged to the monster in order to summon it, so return to Helma and hear the backstory of Luzi, who turns out suicided on these very fields out of heartbreak. You will obtain the quest item: Silver Dagger, that you must drop into the fire near the corpses of Micko and his men. Defeat the monster using Noonwraith weaknesses, then loot it and return to Helma for a reward.

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Notes & Trivia

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