Armorers are Merchant NPCs in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Armorers are NPCs that provide services specific to Armor and Equipment in order to improve them or modify them much like the Blacksmiths who provides similar services, but specialize in Armor. In order to make specific modifications or dismantle equipment, players will need to locate the closest Armorer. A Armorer will also have the ability to craft Armor and repair damaged equipment. Each Armorer will have a level or degree of services depending on their ranking. There are different ranks of Armorers in the Witcher 3, and players will need the very highest ones to create the best gear. Below is a list of Armorers and their ranks and locations. Players can look into Armorsmithing for all available crafting options from Armorers.

Armorer Services Witcher 3

Upon encountering a Armorer in Witcher 3, you will be prompted with a few dialogue options. You could ask him to show his wares, get Armor made or sometimes initiate a round of gwent. The Crafting menu will bring up all craftable Armor that have completed crafting components. This page will sort them out according to the type of Armor and will display which Crafting Components you own or are missing. Crafting Components that are missing will have a note in red instead of green. 

  • Crafting Armor

Crafting Armor will have some requirements including a required level used to craft gear and items. They will also need to meet the Craftsman requirements. Finally, the price for the job will be displayed on the bottom of the screen above the confirmation to begin crafting. If all crafting components are complete and the requirements have been met, then you can finally request to 'Craft Item.' You might have return to him to retrieve your sword when it is ready. You will then have a third dialogue option to ask if your sword is ready. 

Armorer Rankings Witcher 3

Armorers in Witcher 3 will be able to Craft your desired item or provide you with what you need if they also meet the Craftsman Requirements. Every equipment Diagram will display their requirement. This section in the Armorer menu will display what ranking is required to provide the service you need. These usually range from Amateur, Journeyman to Master Armorers. Interact with them in order to view their ranking. It will be displayed right below their Armorer title. 

Armorer Description Witcher 3

Here you can craft armor, repair damaged equipment, dismantle equipment for parts or remove upgrades from sockets. 

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Armorer Locations Witcher 3

An Armorer at a discovered Location may be marked on the map with an Armorplate and a hammer icon. They can usually be found in small villages or communities. 

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Armorer Quests Witcher 3

Some Armorers services are unlocked from completed their related quests. Below are the known Witcher 3 quests related to Armorers:



All Armorers Witcher 3

White Orchard Armorers

  • Willis: Amateur Armorer (Req:Twisted Firestarter)

Velen Armorers

  • Midcopse Amateur Armorer
  • Mulbrydale Amateur Armorer
  • Fergus Graem: Crow's Perch Journeyman Armorer
  • Yoana: Crow's Perch Amateur Armorer

Novigrad Armorers

  • Hierarch Square Journeyman Armorer
  • Oxenfurt Journeyman Armorer
  • Upper Mill Master Armorer


Skellige Armorers

  • Kaer Muire Journeyman Armorer
  • Kaer Trolde citadel Journeyman Armorer
  • Larvik Amateur Armorer
  • Urialla Harbor Amateur Armorer

Toussaint Armorers

  • Vermentino Journeyman Armorer
  • Freinte Docks Journeyman  Armorer
  • Mont Crane Castle Journeyman Armorer
  • Tulasens Caves Journeyman Armorer
  • Francollarts Grandmaster Journeyman Armorer
  • Tourney Grounds Journeyman Armorer
  • Trentin: Hauteville Master Armorer
  • Lazare Lafargue: Hauteville Grandmaster Armorer ( Req: Master Master Master Master!)


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