Mutations are passive skills in The Witcher 3. They were introduced with the Blood and Wine expansion and are available with the Turn and Face the Strange quest. They are unlocked separately from other skills and abilities. They must be researched first, and investing in them will unlock new ability slots.

They are divided into 3 types: Combat, Alchemy and Magic. You must spend skill points and mutagens to research them and you will unlock more advanced ones as you progressively learn beginner ones. You may have 1 mutation active at any time. The Strengthened Synapses mutation will increase in strength as you research other mutations, and will allow you to unlock new ability slots. The nature of the skills you can equip in these new slots are determined by the nature of the equipped mutation. For example a red mutation will permit use of combat skills in the additional slot. Ability Points spent can be returned by consuming a Potion of Restoration. Mutagens spent will not be returned



Mutation Type Description Cost
Strengthened Synapses - Unlocks additional ability slots as you research more mutations. Always active and does not need to be equipped. The extra abilities you may equip must be the same color as the active Mutation. Default
Magic Sensibilities Sign Signs can deal critical hits. Sign crit chance and damage scale with intensity. Enemies killed by sign crits explode. Example: Level 45 ; at +111% Sign Intensity --> Crit chance is 38%, Crit damage is +183%
  • 2 Skill Points
  • 2 Greater Blue Mutagens
Piercing Cold Sign Aard freezes enemies, with a 25% chance to completely immobilize for a few seconds. Enemies that are immobilized and knocked down at the same time die. Deals additional damage which scales with Sign Intensity.
( base damage 1480 at level 38, if level dependent that works out to 40 x Level )
  • 3 Skill Points
  • 3 Greater Blue Mutagens
Conductors of Magic Sign/Combat Sign damage increases if you have a magic, unique or witcher sword drawn. Adds 50% of sword base damage, scales with Sign Intensity.
(Igni / Firestream, Quen Explosion / Reflection, Yrden Trap get full benefit. Yrden DoT not affected, Aard damage doesn't scale with Sign Intensity)
Deadly Counter Sign/Combat Swords do +25% damage to humans immune to counterattacks and monsters. If enemy is at less than 25% health, a counterattack triggers a finisher.
  • 2 Skill Points
  • 2 Greater Mutagens
Bloodbath Combat Each weapon blow gives +5% attack power until end of combat. Bonus is lost if you take damage. Toxicity damage does not cost you the bonus. Attack bonus is 250% max.  
Adrenaline Rush Combat/Sign Increases attack power and sign intensity by 30% for every enemy (-1) you face for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds you go into a different phase and it decreases by 10% x (number of enemies -1). This second phase lasts 30 seconds. So if you were facing 11 enemies you'd get a buff of 300% for 30 seconds and a second phase with a buff of only 200% for 30 seconds.  
Second Life Combat/Sign/Alchemy When you're at 0 health, you become invulnerable for a short time and regenerate all your health. Can be triggered once every 3 minutes.  
Toxic Blood Alchemy When you're injured, the attacker receives 1.5% of that amount of damage for every point of your Toxicity level, to a maximum of 387% (last is example)
  • 2 Skill Points
  • 2 Greater Green Mutagens
Euphoria Alchemy Each point of toxicity increases sword damage and sign intensity by 0.75%. (to a maximum of 193.5%, example)  
Mutated Skin Combat/Alchemy Each adrenaline point decreases damage received by 15%, to a maximum of 45%  
Cat Eyes Combat/Alchemy Crossbow damage increases by approximately 600% and crit chance by 50%. Bolts pierce, knock down or stun. If enemies are at full health, they lose 15% Vitality from bolt shot.  
Metamorphosis Combat/Sign/Alchemy Applying critical effects to opponents activates a random decoction for 2 minutes with no toxicity, up to 3 at a time. Witcher senses help you see better in dark places  

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