Blood and Wine Endings Guide for the Witcher 3 is included here. These are the different possible outcomes for the Blood and Wine expansion and how to achieve them.

Blood and Wine Endings Guide


Ending 1: Reconciliation

This ending results in the Duchess and Syanna reconciling. It can be considered the "good ending". The steps required to obtain this result are as follows:

  • Pursue Syanna during The Night of Long Fangs
  • Read all the entries in the diary
  • Obtain the ribbon from the girl during Beyond Hill and Dale
  • During Pomp and Strange Circumstance, see Syanna before speaking with Damien to start the ceremony. Persuade the guard to let you speak with her. The conversation steps you must take here are "cause she turned her back on you...", then "ever thought to forgive her?", and finally "might ask her that".
  • Afterwards, speak with Damien and let him know the truth. When the duchess speaks to you, tell her about Syanna.
  • When the duchess asks your opinion on the matters, tell her Syanna is guilty and when she begins to defend herself say that they were both children. This will result in the happy outcome.

Ending 2: Jail and Death

This ending results in Syanna's death and you in jail. The steps required to obtain this result are as follows:

Ending 3: Death Becomes

This ending results in Syanna and Anna dead and the entire land in a bleak cloud of despair. The steps to achieve this are as follows:

  • Pursue the Unseen Elder during The Night of Long Fangs.
  • Don't speak to Syanna before the big ceremony in Pomp and Strange Circumstance.
  • Syanna will be brought to trial and she'll murder her sister then. Damien will then take her out with a bolt, completing this circle of tragedy.

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    • Anonymous

      IMO describing ending #1 as a good ending is highly inaccurate. It's actually pretty ridiculous if you think about it:

      An entitled princess who, fully aware of the monstrosity of her actions (which can be learned by talking to her during Beyond Hill and Dale...), first causes considerable pain to her ex by ghosting him and then blackmails him to murder four people as preparation for the murder of her own sister. Her ex is put to death while she receives a royal pardon and assumedly gets to live like royalty. Furthermore, there's no indication that her base nature changed in any way, so who knows what cruel acts she will commit in the future. Let alone what would happen if she was ever to ascend to the throne.

      Also, Regis, who owed a life debt to Detlaff and was a good friend to him (as well as Geralt), was forced to choose between killing Detlaff and letting him kill Geralt. He chose Geralt and for this he's a traitor to the entire vampirekind, hunted by others of his kind and forced to live in exile from Toussaint.

      I don't see anything good in this ending. Syanna, who I consider to be the actual antagonist of the story, gets away scot-free, while Geralt's good friend suffers.

      • Anonymous

        If I choose the unseen elder path and talk to syanna before the ceremony, is it possible to have good ending? If it possible what is the dialogue option?

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