Superior Dancing Star

Required Level 1
Effect Produces a firey explosion that can cause nearby opponents to start burning. Destroys nearby monster nests
Duration 13s
Fire Damage +100

Superior Dancing Star is a Bombs in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. There are StandardEnhanced and Superior versions of this bomb. 




You can craft this bombs with:

1x Enhanced Dancing Star
1x Alchemists' Powder
2x Phosphorus
2x Sulfur
2x Sewant Mushrooms
2x Nostrix
1x Nigredo






Notes or Trivia about Superior Dancing Star

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    • Anonymous

      Throwing this at huge groups of human enemies is stupidly effective.

      After throwing it they are guaranteed to be set on fire, this makes Dragons Dream or Whirl an excellent combo.

      Then you have to live with the haunting screams of multiple people burning alive...

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