Enhanced Northern Wind

Required Level 1
Effect Freezes foes. Blows landed on frozen foes deal additional damage. Extended duration.
Duration ?s
Fire Damage 0
Charges 3

Enhanced Northern Wind is a Bombs in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. There are StandardEnhanced and Superior versions of this bomb. 




You can craft this bombs with:

1x Northern Wind
1x Stammelford's Dust
2x Ducal Water
1x Powdered Pearl
1x Fool's Parsley Leaves
1x Verbena
2x Allspice 






Notes or Trivia about Enhanced Northern Wind

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    • Not sold by the KT Harbor Herbalist05 Jul 2016 15:35  

      At least on my playthrough it isn't. I have both normal and superior but not enhanced and I have scoured this game. I have a feeling these recipes are random in terms of chests. For example, I found my Superior Necrophage in a smugglers crate (SE corner of map of Skel). Can anyone confirm whomever wrote this specific page is correct because I just checked the harbor herbalist again and, again, not there.

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