Dancing Star

Required Level 1
Effect Produces a fiery explosion that can cause nearby opponents to start burning. Destroys nearby monster nests
Duration 4s
Charges 2
Fire Damage +100

Dancing Star is a Bombs in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. There are Standard, Enhanced and Superior versions of this bomb.




You can craft this bombs with:

  1. 1x Saltpeter
  2. 2x Sulfur




  • Harpy Feeding Ground in Velen,
  • Herbalist's Hut in Novigrad (Northeast of Oxenfurt, 248 Crowns)
  • Oxenfurt- The Manuscript for this bomb can be bought from the Blacksmith in Oxenfurt
  • Sund-  Within a chest, on an island north of Sund would be another copy of the manuscript.



Notes or Trivia about Dancing Star

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